Today we introduce Citrix Provisioning for Microsoft Office 365 as a Citrix Cloud Labs service. If you are not familiar with Citrix Clouds Labs, please stop by and get acquainted. Citrix Cloud Labs is where you can preview, try and comment on emerging Citrix Cloud Services.

Citrix Provisioning for Microsoft Office 365 enables customers to manage their existing subscription licenses and to publish this popular productivity suite alongside other third-party apps and services through Citrix Cloud. Not only you can use a single control plane to manage Citrix and Microsoft services, you can also see license consumption and usage data to optimize management of Office 365 – thus minimizing unused licenses.

Ready to get started?

Follow the steps below to start using this lab service in Citrix Cloud. We encourage you to provide us with feedback on your experience. 


  1. Purchase Office 365 Business Plan from Microsoft
  2. Integrate on-premises Active Directory with Azure Active Directory using  Azure AD Connect. Citrix Provisioning for Microsoft Office 365 currently supports synchronized and federated identity models to setup and manage user accounts.  

Using Citrix Provisioning for Microsoft Office 365 in Labs

Once you have synced users in your Active Directory to your Office 365 account, you can start using this Citrix Cloud Labs service and assign Office 365 subscription licenses alongside other Citrix apps and services to your users.

Step 1: Sign up to Citrix Cloud 

Sign up for Citrix Cloud using

Step 2: Access the Citrix Provisioning for Microsoft Office 365 service

Go to the Labs section in the navigation bar of the Citrix Cloud control center to view the list of available labs services. Select <Citrix Provisioning for Microsoft Office 365> service.


You will then be presented with 3 steps to get started.


Step 3: One-time setup to use Citrix Provisioning for Microsoft Office 365

First: Connect Citrix Cloud with your Office 365 account

In order to connect Citrix Cloud to your Office 365 account, you will be redirected to Microsoft site where you will have to login using your Office 365 credentials.


Then: Connect on-premises active directory with Citrix Cloud

In order to connect an on-premises active directory to Citrix Cloud, you need to install cloud connector in your resource location. More details on what a resource location is can be found here.

We recommend installing two cloud connectors for high availability on physical or virtual Windows Server 2012 R2 or later that are joined to the domain. More details on cloud connector can be found here.



Step 4: Publish and deliver Office 365 along with other Citrix apps and service to your end users

You can now assign Office 365 licenses along with other Citrix apps and services. Follow the steps below to deliver these apps and services.

Create Workspaces and add Office 365 plans along with other Citrix Services that you may have.


Subscribe users: Search for users in your Active Directory in the subscribe tab and publish the workspace.


Track user assignment and license consumption

Citrix Provisioning for Microsoft Office 365 allows IT administrators to understand user license assignment and overall Office 365 subscriber license consumption.

You can view this information using the “User List” and “License Usage” tabs in the service UI as shown below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is responsible for buying Office 365 subscription licenses and from what source?
The IT administrator is responsible for buying Office 365 subscription from Microsoft site.

Q2. Who can access the Office 365 service in Citrix Cloud and from what source?
Anyone can access the service using the Citrix Cloud Labs section.

Q3. What is the cost of using Office 365 from within Citrix Cloud?
Citrix Cloud does not charge to integrate your Office 365 account with Citrix Cloud.

Q4. Can I manually create users in the Office 365 administrator panel and then use Citrix Cloud to provision licenses?
No. Citrix Provisioning for Microsoft Office 365 Service in Citrix Cloud only supports integration with directory services. For this the administrator needs to install Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect to sync the on-premises identities to Azure AD. Once synchronization is enabled you will be able to see the users in the Citrix Cloud Office 365 console. You can then provision licenses to users along with other services by creating workspaces.

Q5. Who is responsible for maintaining the users sync process between on-premises AD and Azure AD?
The IT administrator is responsible to maintain the sync process running and updated.

Q6. Does this service support both users and groups license assignment for Office 365?
No. At present the service only supports user subscription license assignment.

Q7. Does Citrix store my office 365 account credentials?
No, Citrix Cloud does not store any account credentials. It redirects administrator to Microsoft site to validate and provide access.

Q8. How can the end user access the assigned Office 365 plans?
The end user can access Office 365 using or any other method provided by Microsoft.