You can buy the best fishing rod around, but if you’ve never fished before, you won’t be eating trout for dinner. The moral? Success doesn’t just depend on having the best tools. It depends on having the experience, skills and support to get the best from them.

That’s why Citrix Services is such an vital component of what we do. Citrix products make incredible things possible. But our services help put them into action.

It’s our services that cut your project delivery times and minimize your project risks. It’s our services that get your engineers, environments and users up and running – and keep them there.

Our new Quick Guide to Citrix Services explains how. It’s essential reading wherever you are in your Citrix journey, quickly laying out what you need to know about Citrix Consulting, Citrix Education, and Citrix Support. You’ll discover:

  • Why Citrix Consulting customers give us glowing testimonials like this: “I’ve worked with consulting services from all the largest IT vendors in just about every capacity, I’d say Citrix is at the top of the list.” (IT Director, Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company)
  • Why Citrix Education students overwhelmingly say their training has made them more productive. (By ‘overwhelmingly’, we mean 93% of them.)
  • Why Citrix Support customers describe it as “an extension of our team”, “real people that are dedicated to us”, and “insurance for our enterprise.”

The key to getting the most from your Citrix investments

You’ll also learn how we work with our customers to help them get more value from Citrix products, faster.

Our consultants have unrivalled experience delivering better ways of working – in every sector and industry. Our hands-on training courses are hugely customizable to match your needs. And our support engineers receive three times the industry’s average level of training (according to the TSIA Support Services 2015 Benchmark Review).

Between them, our three Citrix services teams deliver what all of us want – demonstrable, ongoing success:

  • Massive IT transformation with minimum disruption
  • More productive, and more contented, technical staff
  • Stable environments with proactive support
  • Your people working in smarter, better ways

But don’t just take our word for it. The guide features facts, figures and testimonials from a host of customers – download your copy here to discover our services and their stories.

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