We are pleased to announce the release of XenMobile 10.4.

XenMobile 10.4 includes updates for both client and server components which include the XenMobile Server, XenMobile apps, Secure Hub (formerly Worx Home) and MDX Toolkit.

The XenMobile Server, XenMobile apps and MDX Toolkit are currently available from your Citrix customer download page and Secure Hub will be available in the public app stores.

XenMobile 10.4 is focused on improved quality, supportability and simplification of the XenMobile platform.

Key Highlights for XenMobile 10.4 client include:

  • XenMobile client rebranding of Worx apps to XenMobile apps better aligns Citrix workspace messaging by reducing the number of sub-brands. A complete overview of the branding changes can be found HERE.
  • E-mail based MAM enrollment provides a consistent enrollment experience wherein end-users can now use their e-mail address to enroll and authenticate into XenMobile MAM-only environments which does not require MDM enrollment.
  • Support for Windows 10 Universal Apps allows users to take advantage of XenMobile apps from a greater number of device types including Windows 10 laptops. Initial offering to include Secure Mail, Secure Web and Secure Hub (Mid/Late-October).
  • Untrusted Developer Certification Message provides certificate validation, by notifying the user if the certificate comes from an untrusted developer even when using a trusted VPN or gateway connection.


Key Highlights for XenMobile 10.4 Server include:

  • Certificate Expiration Notifications, will begin notifying customers 90 days prior to the expiration of certificates. Located at the top of the XenMobile Console dashboard, these notifications are easy to spot.


  • One Step Migration from XenMobile 9 to XenMobile 10.4 allows customers to easily migrate to the current release eliminating the requirement of intermediate updates.
  • Blacklist app report provides IT admins with better visibility into which users and devices have installed blacklisted apps. This report allows IT to better align with their company policies of managing end user web destination requests.
  • Citrix Launcher support gives IT the ability to create a customized branded home screen with logo and background on Android devices along with a customized view of whitelisted apps.
  • Retired 40+ customer reported issues for improved product quality and stability.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How will the XenMobile rebranding of Worx apps impact my end users?
    The application icons and colors will look the same to your end-users even though the application name itself has changed.  We’ve also added in-app notifications which will alert end-users to the name change while ensuring them that the app design and workflows all remain the same.  If you have created custom materials which contain the older application logos, you will find the new logos, wordmarks and a rebranding overview deck HERE to update your materials.xenmobile10.4
  2. Will end-users need to re-enroll their devices to support the newly named XenMobile apps? No, device re-enrollment is not required.  Through the regular application update process, the end-user will receive the new apps.  The new logos are almost identical to the old logos which makes it easy for end-users to recognize the change.
  3. When will the Windows 10 Universal Apps for Secure Mail, Secure Web and Secure Hub be available? We are pleased to the report that the apps have completed development and are currently available as part of our EAR testing program.  Once the apps have completed EAR testing they will be made available on your customer download pages later this month.  If you would like to be part of the XenMobile EAR program please click HERE.
  4. When will docs.citrix.com be updated to support XenMobile 10.4? citrix.com have been updated for XM 10.4.  Information will include Known Issues, Fixed Issues, feature descriptions and workflow explanations.  We will provide you with links to this information as part the general availability communication on Oct. 6th.