In a recent blog post, I discussed the availability of the new NetScaler MPX 14000 FIPS appliance.

And guess what? It’s available today! That’s right: SDX 14000 FIPS is ready for action for the government and financial companies that care about FIPS.

As I mentioned, this appliance can be upgraded to the new NetScaler SDX 14000 FIPS or be purchased separately as a new solution.

Let me provide some brief background, so we can all be on the same page. The NetScaler MPX appliance is a hardware-based app delivery appliance, the NetScaler SDX appliance is the hardware-based, multi-tenant appliance with advanced multi-tenant virtualization and, lastly, the NetScaler VPX solution is the software-based appliance that can run on widely deployed hypervisors.

Let me dive into the new NetScaler SDX 14000 FIPS appliance and why it is important. It is the market-leading NetScaler hardware-based multi-tenant appliance with advanced multi-tenant virtualization integrated within a FIPS compliant multi-tenant box. It’s the world’s FIRST multi-tenant ADC appliance that is FIPS compliant! This is a big deal!

Customers can now buy the NetScaler SDX 14000 FIPS solution to consolidate multiple or different ADC FIPS boxes to one FIPS appliance to simplify manageability, save costs in administering multiple boxes and get best ROI with scalability for future expansion, and still be FIPS compliant at each and every instance level.

I was trying to think of a creative way to explain this new offering. Let’s start with pizza, seems like a concept that people can get visualize pretty easily.

The NetScaler SDX 14000 FIPS concept is a bit like a pizza.


Pizza has lots of ingredients (components):

  1. Pizza Box – This is the NetScaler FIPS 14000 box
    1. It protects the pizza, similar to a tamper-proof SSL card protecting SSL keys
  2. Dough – This is the Citrix hypervisor, XenServer-based
  3. Cheese – This is the new multi-tenant NetScaler SDX software which includes secret sauce that is mixed into the dough.
    1. You can’t tell when you take a bite to the pizza. This is what makes Citrix solution unique is our unique NetScaler and XenServer integration where NetScaler has access to the bare metal.

What’s unique about this pizza

The pizza can be sliced into different pieces—big or small, squares or triangles—depending on application processing hungriness need. Each piece can be cooked and customized with different toppings, depending on the “tastes” and “likes” of an application.

Each piece is so well-isolated in its pizza box that it isn’t affected by other pieces nor does it affect any other pieces with its ingredients, taste, smell, size or temperature. Each slice is customized and plated for a particular application and only that application can take a look at it, smell it, take a bite, taste it, eat it, and enjoy it—because, who are we kidding, pizza is so delicious that everyone loves it, even apps—but no one else. When an application or customer leaves, any leftover slices of pizza are thrown in the trash—destroyed completely—so that privacy of the other person or application is securely maintained without anyone getting access to it, even accidentally.

pizzav3You can then divide each slice (think: IT workload) however you like, add different toppings, and still be FIPS-compliant. You can have an entire pizza (NetScaler SDX) with several different slices, depending upon your organizations needs. For example, a slice with pepperoni could be to front-end Microsoft Exchange workload, another slice with cheese could be to front-end proprietary financial apps, another slice with pineapple and ham could be to front-end XenApp/XenDesktop workloads and still another slice could be to replace a third-party ADC box that has similar features (toppings), etc.

By consolidating all the different workloads into one box, manageability is simplified, but each of the workloads is unique, with different ADC features used or memory/SSL allocations and still be completely separated from each other FIPS-compliant. When we say that each slice is completely separated from the others, it just means that each slice is a secure and hard-walled separation of underlying system resources. FIPS HSM partitions for each slices are dedicated to specific workloads (slices).

This consolidation not only helps simplify management, but also provides cost-savings, as you can now manage multiple different boxes within your network. This translates to less time needed for IT Admins to configure and make changes to different boxes because it all can be done with one appliance. The NetScaler SDX 14000 FIPS appliance can consolidate up to 25 ADC workloads (different pizza slices and toppings).

Additionally, when the need arises for the expansion of the network to accommodate additional applications or users, IT administrators can grow the NetScaler SDX 14000 FIPS by simply adding additional capacity without changing the hardware or software. Need a bigger pizza? Just pay for what you want. This PayGrow feature is simply an upgrade with a license to expand capacity. For example, the same appliance can grow from 30Gbps to 60Gbps or to 80Gbps of system throughput.

This is a exciting time for customers in the government and financial companies that need FIPS compliant systems within their network. Citrix is introducing this game-changing NetScaler ADC solution to help customers simplify manageability, reduce network administration costs and take advantage of flexible capacity.

For more details, check out the new NetScaler ADC datasheet.

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