Everyone is familiar with the tragedies of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and more recently, Amy Winehouse, where addiction claimed the life of artists who connected with people in a personal way.

There are countless other stories of ill-fated celebrities who have landed in rehab more than once. Organizations like The Watershed are there for the every day person going through the struggle of drug and alcohol addiction, and it is a life-changing experience for many on the road to recovery.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to find empathetic employees at The Watershed who have gone through rehab and who can relate to the experiences of their patients. And it’s not just the people who are interacting directly with the patients who make a difference in their outcomes. The IT team working behind the scenes to deliver the latest and most appropriate technology is no less a key player in the patients’ success.

Whit Baker, the IT Director at The Watershed implemented Citrix Workspace Suite with NetScaler ADC and NetScaler SD-WAN. Based on comments he hears from the clinical staff, he believes it has revolutionized the workday for employees.

My favorite example of how Citrix solutions help patients is what happens when they first arrive. Within the first hour after arrival, patients can interact with three or more staff, each of whom has a different level of security access to the clinical patient records, based on their job role.

For example, a paramedic is the first person to work with a patient, walking him in and entering basic stats into the system. A nurse then, typically, takes the patient’s vital signs and basic health information. Lastly, the patient advocate reviews financial counseling guidelines and patient rights. The interesting piece is that all of these individuals are logging in and out of that patient’s record on the same desktop workstation. Without desktop virtualization, it wouldn’t be possible to share one workstation with such different levels of security on the same desktop.

In addition to bettering security, Citrix solutions have also addressed one of the most common frustrations in healthcare by reducing the login time on a shared desktop workstation from roughly two minutes to 15 seconds for the initial login, and only five seconds for every login thereafter. This means staff can spend more time sitting with incoming patients, supporting them during a difficult time and less time staring at a computer screen.

We’ve made their life more efficient, which allows them to interact more with a patient going through a very difficult time. It is very satisfying to know that the work my team is doing behind the scenes every day with technology is making a direct impact on improving patient care. — Whit Baker

Knowing that I have Citrix solutions powering our organization gives me the confidence that our IT team is helping drive the organization’s mission of offering the best possible patient care. Something as simple as login efficiency has made life so much easier for our staff and they come to me often saying how much they love this change. — Whit Baker

By giving employees greater mobility and better, faster access to crucial patient data, they can work from any location. They can login for the first part of the day in Florida, fly to the Texas office location and quickly log in again. They can easily access records at home or at an office location. While these may seem like common activities in the high tech world I work in, this is not the case in healthcare. Creating mobility between office locations is key because it makes it possible to respond to patients immediately.

For Trevor McCain, who is the Network Administrator at The Watershed, the always-on connectivity for all employees in every location delivered by NetScaler SD-WAN is the key selling point.

At an in-person meeting recently at Citrix Synergy, Trevor’s love of NetScaler SD-WAN was clear. He was interested in the NetScaler SD-WAN because along with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, it gave them a full end-to-end solution from a single vendor and allowed them to centralize patient and administrative data and leverage new applications to improve overall patient care.

He and Whit can now make updates to remote facilities from the Florida headquarters with no issues, while the NetScaler SD-WAN platform enables The Watershed to proactively monitor the health and performance of application delivery across its WAN. Trevor loves the location-agnostic access for employees, which was previously a barrier. Now employees truly feel the freedom to embrace mobility and work from anywhere, whether it’s a home or another office location, because they trust that they can securely and consistently access crucial patient data.

NetScaler SD-WAN means no downtime, something no other competitor is offering. — Trevor McCain

Finally, Whit has just started diving into ShareFile for business administration tasks. The best use case thus far has been for the transcription services that many doctors use. Doctors call the transcription person and dictate their evaluations. The transcriber then sends the final document to the Health Information Management team via ShareFile.

It’s yet another example where Citrix technology helps employees at The Watershed work more efficiently, so they can accelerate the care they provide to the patients they serve.

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