The Citrix Secure Browser service has added several new features as Lynda Raley pointed out in her recent blog post, “Copy This Post If You Can! New Citrix Secure Browser Protects Vital Info.”

How often do we click on a link to a white paper, schematic diagram, a tutorial or anything else only to find out it’s a PDF document? Well, some browsers like Google Chrome natively render PDF,  but not all do. Internet Explorer 11 is one that doesn’t. So, we have enhanced the Secure Browser to open PDF documents when you publish your WebApp to run on the Internet Explorer 11 browser.

While browsers like Chrome render the PDF within the same tab, Internet Explorer pops open a new window to render the PDF document. As an end-user, I sometimes click on the parent browser (running in kiosk mode in the background) to continue reading content, but this hides the PDF document window. If you happen to do the same, don’t worry; you haven’t lost access to your PDF window.

In case you haven’t seen the nifty feature in the HTML 5 Receiver, end users can use the App Switcher functionality available in the toolbar to view the list of applications running in the session and switch to the PDF window again.


Did you know?

If you choose the “Show Taskbar” option in the App Switcher, your PDF and browser processes show up conveniently in the bottom for even easier switching in-session.

HTML5 Taskbar

You may have seen that PDF plugins allow emailing the document to others or to upload to your document cloud account. We’ve disabled these features to prevent proliferation of any harmful PDF documents. Security first!

Try it out and let us know how you like the feature.