Proof of Concept made easy with Citrix Lifecycle Management – Welcome to the World of Automation.

In the IT world today, one of the biggest challenges is to deploy, configure and manage applications and services. If there is a way to automate all these – who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that? To add to this, if it has a feature to speed up the setup, reduce errors and simplify your overall tasks, I think every IT admin would jump at the chance to use this technology.

And, as luck would have it, we have an answer and solution for all these with Citrix Lifecycle Management

What exactly is Citrix Lifecycle Management?

Citrix Lifecycle Management is one of the components of Citrix Cloud. It accelerates time-to-value for automated deployment of Citrix workloads and enterprise applications across virtual, private or public cloud environments. It also makes it possible for IT organizations to be faster, more cost-effective and more agile.

With simple steps like selecting your deployment environment, configuring the size and scale, you can deploy your Citrix workloads and enterprise applications in an automated fashion called Blueprint. Blueprint is made up of discrete scripts and other components, they can be modified easily to accommodate each environment. Once a blueprint is created, it can be reused, modified and shared with others.

Examples of Blueprints

Citrix has already developed blueprints for XenApp / XenDesktop proof of concept


Some of our Citrix Ready partners, such as Login VSI, AppSense, Liquid ware labs have also created Blueprints as Proof of Concept for their solutions

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How do you create a Blueprint?

All you need to do is sign in to Citrix Lifecycle Management with your Citrix account. Quickly and securely deploy and manage your Citrix workloads and enterprise apps through this cloud-based service that supports any virtual, public, or private cloud.

If you have Citrix Support, you are entitled to the Citrix Lifecycle Management Deploy package, which allows you to deploy Citrix-validated blueprints created by Citrix and by Citrix Ready partners.


With a few steps you can manage your workloads anytime and anywhere


Key use cases for Citrix Lifecycle Management

  • Stay secure, keep current – Update Service
  • Power when you need it – Smart Scale
  • Accelerating time-to-value for Citrix workloads and enterprise applications
  • Incorporating validated reference architectures and best practices with Citrix certified blueprints

Now What?

The possibilities are limitless. If you use XenDesktop or XenApp, CLM provides great out-of-the-box blueprints for a PoC or production grade infrastructure. You can create blueprints and modify them to your heart’s content and deploy the XenDesktop/XenApp infrastructure that perfectly matches your business needs along with your solutions. Yes, that infrastructure that took weeks to set up can now be deployed in hours!

Here is an opportunity for you to help your customers and sales team by creating a blueprint for your solutions with Citrix Lifecycle Management, and get it verified as Citrix Ready by following simple test cases here. Once approved, we will be then listing your blueprint under Citrix Ready Library in Citrix Lifecycle Management.

Wondering how this works? And if you haven’t yet given it a try, Click here to sign-up for Citrix Lifecycle Management to explore automation for your workloads and we Welcome you to the World of Automation

Explore Citrix Ready verified Blueprint here

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