How Wincourse Technologies—a Citrix Service Provider—Cuts Cost & Complexity for ACE Companies

As architecture-construction-engineering (ACE) companies rebound following the housing crisis of 2008, they are facing a new IT landscape.

Technology advancements, including business information modeling (BIM) and virtual design and construction, have made it much more costly and complex to run IT internally.

“Graphical tools, such as 3D modeling are playing a larger role, but they are expensive and bandwidth intensive,” says Mike Ouimet, president of Wincourse Technologies, a Citrix Service Provider. “Customers are looking for a new way to access these technologies without having to purchase, operate and support their own infrastructure.”

In their search for a better alternative, ACE companies are thinking about the cloud. Providers of cloud-hosted IT services relieve customers of multiple burdens: licensing, hardware acquisition, updates, administration, redundancy, support … the list goes on.

But ACE companies, like those in other industry-specific or specialized markets, have unique requirements. For example:

  • They often operate in the field, encountering poor connectivity
  • They’re under time pressure to complete projects according to the bid
  • They risk financial loss when rework is required (often due to inaccurate information)
  • And they face stiff competition when bidding for jobs, which makes data security essential

Wincourse Technologies’ expertise in the ACE field and innovative hosted services offerings built on Citrix virtualization, mobility and networking solutions have helped the Charlotte, North Carolina company succeed.

The Citrix Service Provider delivers published desktops, published applications and services such as ShareFile for file sync and sharing. One critical differentiator: Wincourse has implemented NVIDIA NGrid GPUs (graphical processing units) with XenDesktop and XenApp in its co-located datacenters.

By providing access to the latest technology at an affordable price, Wincourse is helping small and mid-size ACE customers solve their business problems:

  1. Improving connectivity in the field. By combining hosted apps and desktop technology powered by Citrix with GPUs, Wincourse can deliver high-performance access to graphics-intensive applications, even in remote locations.
  2. Staying on the same (drawing) page. Hosting applications and data in the datacenter ensures that everyone has access to the same up-to-date drawings and other information, which helps avoid costly rework.
  3. Protecting confidential information. Centralization, combined with secure remote access and secure file sharing using Citrix technologies, protects against breaches of sensitive data.

Getting ahead with GPUs

Wincourse significantly improved a customer’s manufacturing process for carbon fiber products.

The company uses SolidWorks and SolidCam, which are resource-intensive 3D applications. This company had gone through three other vendors in an effort to shorten an extremely long data calculation cycle and rendering time. Local hardware and other cloud systems were unable to reduce job times that were as long as 24 hours. Unable to produce their products quickly enough, the customer suffered delivery delays and financial impacts.

Wincourse’s XenApp solution leveraging NVIDIA Grid GPUs provided unique value and business support, resulting in:

  • Speed improvement of 75%
  • Many jobs now running in under five hours

Putting business needs first

Despite its advanced technologies, Wincourse views itself as a business partner first.

“We focus on the customer’s business needs and show them how to determine return on investment from the hosted model versus on-premises IT,” Ouimet explained. Wincourse values its strong relationship with Citrix and the important technology tie-ins Citrix provides on the strength of alliance partnerships.

“Citrix has been an excellent partner and has fostered our growth through education, training, marketing and business development,” Ouimet noted.

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