How many devices do you use for work?

I use four: Windows laptop, MacBook, iPad and iPhone. Granted, I’m not using all four at once or even every day. However, I like the flexibility of using the device I want, when I want, where I want. In a recent survey, I learned that employees use an average of four different devices. So, I’m an average user, which sounds about right.

Of course, working for Citrix, I get to use XenApp and XenDesktop to make switching between these devices easy. Each day, I launch Citrix Receiver from my Windows laptop if I’m working at the office, or my MacBook if I’m working at home. The iPhone comes into play when I’m on the go and my iPad is great for when I travel—it fits far more neatly on those airplane tray tables, for example.

Embrace BYOD. It’ll be OK—really.

The thing is, employees are increasingly using their own computers and other devices to work either in the office, at home or wherever their life takes them. Rather than discourage this practice, embrace it.

79 percent of workers say* that remote access to business apps outside of working hours is critical for increased productivity. Citrix helps keep those employees productive by giving them the “follow me” option through XenApp and XenDesktop. When I start up Citrix Receiver on my Windows laptop in the office, I can stop my work mid-sentence, shut down that laptop and when I get home, fire Receiver back up on my MacBook and pick up right where I left off.

BYOD will save you time and reduce costs

Each call to a corporate IT helpdesk runs about $70. When employees bring their own device, IT no longer manages the hardware, which reduces helpdesk calls, lowers support costs and frees up time to work on more strategic activities. With a virtualized solution, IT manages the apps centrally, so when there’s an issue, you can troubleshoot it from the datacenter without the need to go to the employee’s physical device. This saves the IT team from having to travel to remote locations or keep staff in a satellite office.

See how BYOD works

Hear from Citrix engineer, Scott Lane, as he demonstrates how BYOD with Citrix works.

Interested in learning more?

Learn more about how Citrix can help with your BYOD program. Watch one of these on-demand webinars:

* Source: Ovum, “BYOD: An Emerging Market Trend in More Ways than One”