We have recently launched the All-New Citrix Ready Marketplace, a single console for all your product verifications & profile updates.

The New Citrix Ready Marketplace is LIVE for all the product categories. The integration of Citrix Ready Verification Platform with Citrix Ready Marketplace creates an all-encompassing marketplace for you. With this, partners can manage their product verification, profile pages as well as reports/dashboards, all from one place! Watch this video to understand all the new features and functionalities. In addition, it helps extend the product verification across a span of Citrix technologies.

Here are the steps to submit the test results for Citrix Ready Product Verification:

  1.  Login to the New Citrix Ready Marketplace with your Partner Central login credentials.
  2. Request access” to the Marketplace. If already done, then access will be provided shortly.
  3.  Once the access is provided, Click on “Manage Verification Forms”.

4.  Click on “Create New” button


5.  Refer to the verification guidelines and video to help you complete the testing process.

  1.  Complete the “Collect Information” section page (3 Pages) with all of the mandatory fields about your product/solution and then click on “Begin verification.”


7.  Review the “Introduction” & “Prerequisites” section to know about the system requirements.


  1. Click on “View test cases” and start the verification process.
  2. Use “Ask a question” feature if you need any help during the verification.


10. Once the verification is complete, please review the test results under the “Test Results” section and submit the verification for approval by clicking on “Submit Test”.


For any further information on the Verification Platform, please reach out to us at CitrixReady@Citrix.com.