When employees access SaaS apps and other vital browser-based apps that include sensitive data, what’s stopping them from copying protected information when they shouldn’t? What can IT do?

Citrix Secure Browser enables IT to deliver secure remote access to web and SaaS applications with zero endpoint configuration. With support for internal web apps and the ability to authenticate external web app launch, administrators pick the best web browser and the plug-ins needed and end users access web applications via a simple URL.

Citrix is committed to adding new features and improvements to the Secure Browse Service through frequent releases. The latest new features improve performance, security and the user experience, including updates to how Secure Browser treats pop-ups and PDFs and the ability to implement regional deployments and limit copy/paste.

Secure Data – Manage Copy/Paste

Data loss prevention is a tricky issue and a lot of solutions out there that are trying to solve this issue cumbersome and degrade user experience. Copying secure data out of corporate apps opens you up to risk. The latest updates to Secure Browser allows you to disable the copy/paste function on an app-by-app basis with a click of a button. This means you can allow a user to copy/paste content from/to some applications, but lock down those that contain proprietary or other high-risk content. The ability to manage copy/paste reduces the risk of data walking out the door or malicious code being entered into your web apps.

Disable Clipboard

Combine disable copy/paste with our watermarking technology and it becomes a very compelling data loss prevention solution that can be configured on a per app basis.


Regional Deployments

You can now implement regional deployments of the Secure Browser service to move the workload closer to your users or keep it close to the data. This allows administrators to deliver the best user experience possible given the constraints of the app. Usually, being close to the geographic proximity of the user increases efficiencies and reduces the time it takes for them to access their apps and data, improving the user experience. However, in some cases, it makes sense to keep the app closer to its database and rely on Citrix’s industry leading HDX technology to deliver a great user experience around the world, even in low latency use cases.


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