XenMobile is the Citrix EMM solution for enterprises that are looking for a single solution to address both mobile device management as well as mobile application management. The power of this solution lies within its security postures.

Within XenMobile our philosophy is to provide both experience and security at the same level.

At Structure Security, you will hear about the Citrix XenMobile MDX container, the importance of WorxPIN, certificate-based authentication, multi-factor authentication and many more postures. The Citrix MDX container allows you to support a BYOD program that provides users a better experience.

For example, users wont be required to enter long complex device passwords to use their personal mobile device. And speaking of a better user experience with certificate-based authentication, your users can use a simple PIIN – WorxPIN for users to access secure apps. Most users will be able to relate to a PIN and are less likely to forget a PIN compared to a long password. Above all, we will share with you details of providing security at various levels – high, medium, and low, while at the same time not compromising on user experience.

In addition, you will hear about two uses cases – one within the aviation industry and another from healthcare – and how XenMobile enables verticals to use security postures that fit customer needs.

Don’t forget Citrix ShareFile, Receiver and NetScaler! All key components of the Citrix product family that XenMobile leverages to provide a secure, compliant experience.

At Structure Security in San Francisco this week, we will be hosting a session called, “Secure mobility and authentication for highly regulated environments including aviation and healthcare” on Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 10:45 a.m. at the Golden Gate Club in San Francisco.

Stop by our booth at the Golden Gate Club Sept. 27-28 to hear more about the intersection of mobility, security and experience! You can also register to win a GoPro HERO4 camera at our booth!