Sometimes, it’s the little things.

Many customers already know that NetScaler is the undisputed leader when it comes to overcoming major challenges like server failure and global load balancing across their networks — to name just a few. But, do they know that NetScaler can also solve some of the smaller but wide-felt issues that affect day-to day productivity with some of their most common Microsoft applications including Office 365, Skype for Business, Exchange and SharePoint? Possibly not.

Microsoft applications are the lifeline of today’s businesses. Users depend on reliable, near-instantaneous access to their work apps and data, anytime and anywhere. It’s no surprise then that when something goes wrong, frustrations soar and productivity goes out of the window (hands up if you’ve been there, done that?…..umm…guilty)

Faced with such uplift in the demand for mobile or remote access to applications, many businesses have now largely accepted annoyances as mere “side effects,” ranging from slow email, bad connections, and—perhaps more worryingly—insufficient governance to protect against threats or the misuse of data. And, while some of these may appear small nuances on the surface the fact remains that when multiplied on a large scale issues like availability, security and performance start to have a significant impact to the bottom line.

Now consider this: With Netscaler, IT gets to deliver the secure, remote access users need while drastically improving the performance and availability of high-traffic Microsoft applications without risks to the user or business. Even better, it does all of that 5x faster than other leading ADCs in the market.

Combining high-speed data compression, content caching, SSL acceleration, application flow visibility and a powerful firewall to create outstanding application delivery, NetScaler delivers unmatched security, superior L4-7 load balancing, reliable Global Server Load Balancing and 100 percent uptime to business applications, including…you guessed it some of the most widely used Microsoft applications: O365, Skype for Business, Exchange and SharePoint

Packs a pretty good punch in one easy to use platform, right?! And this means there are countless opportunities to transform those common every day nuances for your customers.  From end users to the IT department – it’s easy to see how NetScaler can quickly address underperforming applications and transform experiences for all. And in case you don’t have those fully nailed for your elevator pitch – here’s just a small selection of some pretty big perks:

  • Better collaboration with Skype for Business – users get 100 percent reliability and crystal clear voice and audio – even with slow WAN, public Wi-Fi or a mobile connection
  • Greater protection from rogue password management – Dynamic access control policies ensure Office 365 passwords are kept where they belong: inside the network, not in the cloud
  • No TMG? No problem – NetScaler provides a network security solution replacement for enterprise users
  • Total flexibility and scalability – in platform and across physical and virtual form factors
  • Reduced support times between troubleshooting to resolution with application level analytics
  • The best part? Ease of use, built-in app templates and field -proven deployment guides means customers can be up and running in no time

Ready to show your customers how to get the most from their Microsoft applications?

Great! You’ve come to the right place.

We have an all-new partner marketing campaign totally focused on Accelerating Microsoft Apps with Netscaler.*

This campaign hones in on four unique use case scenarios featuring Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Skype for Business, all of which easily resonate with customer challenges and IT headaches. Show customers a new way forward with this extensive range of materials at your fingertips, including customizable email and landing page templates for each use case, solution briefs, a repository of social content and data-filled infographics.

Grow your networking business with these all-new use cases today—available exclusively to Citrix partners through our MarketingIQ platform. Access the campaign today and reveal how customers can (and should!*) expect a new paradigm of performance, cost savings, security and 100 percent reliability for their applications with NetScaler ADC.

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**Why? Because even the little things matter. Don’t let your customers settle for less.