Every weekday morning, I sit down at my desk and log into my email, Facebook, Slack and LinkedIn accounts. I browse status updates and articles, flipping between cat pictures and business articles. I use my best judgment when clicking through to news articles and websites – I know that one wrong click could, unintentionally, land me in hot water with our IT or Human Resources departments.

A phishing email, profane language, inappropriate pictures – these #NSFW circumstances all compromise my company and my professional reputation.

While your business might not have a robust IT or Human Resources department to monitor internet usage, it’s still vitally important that you think about what you do online. What you do on the internet impacts your company’s reputation, as well as yours. Are you subjecting your clients to risk of data breach by using freemium file-sharing services? Do you pass sensitive data through unprotected emails?

As your partner in business, Citrix ShareFile offers simple education with content that is easy to understand and implement. #SafeForWork is the antithesis of the risks associated with #NSFW.

sharefile ebook#SafeForWork is a guide for your business’ data essentials. It’s an e-book that breaks down the basics of encryption for the non-Chief Technology Officer. It is an infographic that explains the jurisdiction of the cloud, so you can understand your legal responsibilities. And it’s a whitepaper calculating the ROI on secure apps—like ShareFile—that you’re implementing for mobility.

#SafeForWork means your files are encrypted in transit and at rest. #SafeForWork means we’re doing everything in our power to keep your business and your clients’ data safe from breaches.

When you see #SafeForWork, you know that it is Citrix ShareFile taking the guesswork out of security, bringing you a more secure, simple way to work.