The success and growth of Citrix workspace solutions—including Citrix Workspace Suite and Citrix Cloud—has provided validation that customers are looking for more complete solutions from a reduced number of vendors.

As we continue to develop these complete integrated solutions our goal is to keep things simple for our customers. So, while we’re working hard to simplify the usability and manageability of our solutions we also realized that there was an opportunity to simplify the XenMobile naming hierarchy.

XenMobile unifies branding as Citrix
focuses on delivering complete solutions.

Within the XenMobile brand, we have the Worx brand, which describes and signifies our industry-leading productivity apps, including WorxMail, WorxWeb, WorxNotes and many others. In addition to the Worx brand, we also use MDX terminology to describe our mobile application management capabilities, including containerization, app policies and toolkit.  That’s quite a few names. Multiply that across numerous Citrix product families and you’ve got a lot names to keep straight.

Worx apps are changing to XenMobile apps

In Q4 of this year, we will be consolidating the number of XenMobile sub-brands by replacing “Worx” with “Secure.” Worx apps will undergo a name change only. The apps will look the same and function the same. This change in naming will not require users to re-enroll their devices or update the XenMobile Server. During the regular application update process, end-users will receive the newly named app, but all application data and workflows will remain exactly as they were before.

Here’s a complete listing of what will be changing:


Additional naming adjustments include:

XenMobile apps

We will also include an in-app notification that will explain to users that the app workflows and design all remain the same and everything can be found right where they left it.

New icons and wordmarks are currently available for customers who may need to update their internal documentation prior to the name change. These assets can be found HERE.

We have also posted links to these assets directly from your customer download page.