NetScaler SD-WAN uses simple ideas to improve application performance. Let’s take the example of a mission critical application. In an Enterprise world, this might be voice calls with customers, traffic towards an enterprise’s business or a financial transaction like credit card swipe. In these cases, packet loss can lead to degraded performance, which can drastically impact the business.

Enterprises understand this and pay for this in terms of premium service or additional overheads like setting up Quality of Service, purchasing expensive MPLS links and/or purchasing multiple links to improve availability. These solutions help in getting some peace of mind, but if the underlying link is down then these solutions do not help in mitigating traffic loss.

The NetScaler SD-WAN solution addresses this problem in a very simple way. NetScaler SD-WAN provides an optional packet duplication feature with which one can create 2 copies of a mission critical application and send them simultaneously on different physical path. Sending two copies ensures that should one link fail, the other link ensures the delivery to the end point—hence providing better application performance in case of brownouts or even blackouts.

If both the copies are received on the remote end, then NetScaler SD-WAN is smart enough to send the first received packet towards the LAN, and drops the subsequent one. It provides powerful control to the user by defining Carrier IDs such that the SD-WAN solution duplicates and send the packet on as disparate paths as possible. By leveraging Carrier ID, one ensures that if all services from a Carrier is down because of an outage, the packet is still delivered via the other Carrier. In NetScaler SD-WAN, this feature is turned on by default for Voice. However, the user has a choice to turn it on for any applications that they want.


This is just one more way that NetScaler SD-WAN leverages its deep application expertise and uses simple concepts to improve application performance.