When it comes to enterprise data, there’s a constant tug-of-war between employees and IT. Employees demand always-on availability, instant accessibility from any device, anywhere, and ease of sharing. On the other end of the rope, enterprise IT wants tighter control and monitoring and want to deploy proven security and compliance tools to prevent data theft and leakage.

Citrix ShareFile is the secure file-sharing solution that allows enterprises to please both – employees, as well as IT administrators – by fulfilling all of these requirements and more.

We are pleased to announce availability of a new Citrix SCOM Management Pack for ShareFile—a specialized monitoring and reporting console to further improve availability, performance, security and capacity-planning for a ShareFile deployment. The Citrix SCOM Management Pack for ShareFile is an add-on to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to monitor product-specific metrics for ShareFile.

Key monitoring and reporting scenarios covered by Citrix SCOM Management Pack for ShareFile

Using the ShareFile SCOM pack, you can monitor health and availability metrics from ShareFile StorageZones and Controllers on the SCOM console in different views like topology, dashboard, alerts, reports and others. These views overlap in terms of the metrics they show, but each of them serve a different purpose. For example, the topology view is useful for an administrator trying to troubleshoot a problem by drilling down into sub-components to triangulate the problematic pieces in the deployment, whereas the dashboard view can be used to get a quick assessment of overall health.


Figure 1: Dashboard view of the Citrix SCOM pack for ShareFile

Beyond just monitoring, the ShareFile SCOM pack helps in proactively finding out problems before they affect employees by using monitors and alerts. Various StorageZones Controller components are constantly monitored, including upload and download services, proxy email service and Storage-center application pool.

ShareFile SCOM services

Figure 2: Monitor health of StorageZone Controller services state with ShareFile SCOM pack

The ShareFile SCOM pack also validates mutual connectivity between the ShareFile Account and StorageZones at all times. It bubbles up maintenance events that need administrator attention like upcoming expiry dates for installed SSL certificates.


Figure 3: Active alert shown in SCOM pack when a StorageZone is found not reachable

An administrator can discover trends and plan future capacity of the ShareFile account by tracking reports on storage consumption and bandwidth consumption shown by the ShareFile SCOM pack.

Who can access this new SCOM pack?

Citrix SCOM management pack for ShareFile is included as an entitlement for Citrix Workspace Suite (CWS) customers.

Want to find out more?

For a comprehensive list of monitoring and reporting features, please refer to the product documentation.