Linux VDA continues to evolve with every release, enabling more and more use cases. The Linux VDA 1.4 release is part of XenApp and XenDesktop 7.11 and it adds support for Linux application publishing with XenApp, anonymous login, policy management, USB redirection and expands HDX 3D Pro support on Linux. This is a lot of innovation in 3 months!

Let’s learn more about what’s new.

App publishing

Now you can publish Linux apps in Citrix Studio in the same way you can with Windows apps. The apps installed on the Linux machine get enumerated and you can select which you want to publish. Once published, the app is available through Citrix Receiver for users to launch. This feature does not require additional installation steps for Linux VDA and no special settings are required for published apps. In case of a Linux-only environment, app publishing is the most cost-effective solution to deploy.


Users get non-seamless apps with session sharing as shown in the screenshot below:

LVDA - published LibreOffice

Anonymous login

Anonymous login allows admins to make apps available to users in a KIOSK mode. Users can launch the apps without having to authenticate to the VDA. Now, you can launch the Linux apps using the anonymous login. Anonymous login, in conjunction with App publishing, builds a compelling use case for secure browser access through XenApp.


Policy Management

Until now, admins had to rely on the ctxreg utility to manage the settings with Linux VDA. Now, the policy management allows admins to use the policies in the Citrix Studio and apply them for Linux VDA, in the same way that they would do for Windows VDA.

USB redirection

Now, you can use the USB devices within Linux virtual app and desktop session. In case of HDX 3D Pro for Linux, the USB redirection support enables use of 3D Space mouse with virtual 3D Linux applications. Citrix recommends deploying App sessions and Desktop sessions in different machine catalogs for the session isolation.

Extended HDX 3D Pro capabilities

Now HDX 3D Pro for Linux works on RHEL 6.8, 7.2, CentOS 6.8, 7.2 and SLE 12.1. This release also enables the vGPU support on NVIDIA Grid cards for HDX 3D Pro for Linux, providing higher scalability for the deployment of 3D workload over XenApp and XenDesktop.


NIS integration and SSSD as tech preview

In addition, this release enables NIS integration to be able to use non-AD login for authentication. Using NIS as a UID and GID provider instead of using AD requires that the account information (username and password combinations) is the same in, both, AD and NIS. Authentication is still performed by active directory server in the backend. This release also adds SSSD support for domain join as tech preview capability.

Watch the video below for the new capabilities in Linux VDA 1.4:

Deploy the new Linux VDA 1.4 and let us know how it works for you.