It is that time of year again and Apple has released the latest generation of its mobile operating system, iOS 10. We are happy to report that Citrix Receiver 7.1 client software provides compatibility for devices upgrading to iOS 10 on day one.

The new Receiver debuts with a refreshed look adopting the theme of the latest generation of Citrix clients, with a new app icon and background image. In addition to the new look, here are the main features introduced with the Receiver 7.1 client. I’m also including considerations around support and backwards compatibility.

Receiver “widget” for iOS 10

Have you seen the app widgets in the new iOS 10 Search screen? Receiver now includes a widget that can be enabled to show in the Search screen for quick access. The widget will show the application or desktop you launched last and allow you to re-connect to your session directly from the icon on the widget. You will need to enable it after you upgrade or install Receiver, via the ‘Edit’ option on the iOS Search screen, since the widget is disabled by default.


Touch ID support

Anyone that has used Apple’s Touch ID knows how convenient this functionality can be, especially if you have a short Auto-Lock timeout configured. Well, you can now enjoy the convenience of Touch ID for authentication on Receiver. The Touch ID function can be enabled or disabled for Receiver during the configuration of a new Store or by editing any existing Store. When enabled, you will be able to use your fingerprint instead of your username and password whenever Receiver requires authentication.


X1 Mouse on Receiver’s toolbar

The new Receiver extends the capabilities of the Citrix X1 Mouse into the toolbar, allowing you to use the mouse for pulling down on the toolbar and to select any of the available options. This will be very useful for switching between applications when working on your iPad.


Support and compatibility

Receiver 7.1 will be supported on iOS 8, 9, and 10 only. Note that iOS 7 is not supported with this release of Receiver. Apple no longer supports iOS 7and therefore Citrix no longer tests on this platform. You can continue to use earlier versions of Receiver (7.0.2 or earlier) for iOS 7.

Also worth noting, at this time Receiver for iOS does not allow customizations through StoreFront as with other Receiver clients, such as the native Windows/Mac desktop Receivers. We are considering this functionality for future releases.

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