StoreFront 3.7 has been released! There are lots of cool new features, so let’s take a look!

SSPR enrolment with Citrix SSPR 1.0

SSPR (Self Service Password Reset) was introduced in StoreFront 3.5 early this year. It required Citrix SSO to be shipped with XenApp 6.5. This limitation is lifted by Citrix SSPR 1.0 released with XenApp/XenDesktop 7.11. Things get even better because you no longer need the SSO Agent for user enrolment. Users will be able to enroll after log on to Receiver for Web and Receiver for Windows. For details on Citrix SSPR 1.0, take a look at Craig Hichliffe’s blog post that will go live a bit later today.

To configure SSPR in StoreFront:

  • open the StoreFront administration console
  • select the store you would like to configure
  • select Manage Authentication Methods
  • select Configure Account Self-Service


  • select Citrix SSPR from the dropdown menu in the pop-up dialog


  • select Configure and you can specify the SSPR Service URL and enable/disable password reset and account unlock


After you configure SSPR in StoreFront, users will be able to enrol themselves via Receiver for Web or Receiver for Windows. To start enrolment:

  • select Tasks from the Receiver top bar and select start for Manage Security Questions


  • enter your password (this is configurable using the SSPR console)


  • answer the questions to complete the enrolment. Answers are masked by default for security reason.


Receiver for Web Small Form Factor Support

Receiver for Web is now supported to be accessed from smart phones (iOS, Android and Windows). This is how Receiver for Web looks on the phones.


Zone Preference Improvement

When GSLB powered zone preference was introduced in StoreFront 3.5, the zone information provided by GSLB could only be used to select XenApp/XenDesktop sites/farms. With the introduction of client location based zone preference in XenApp/XenDesktop 7.11, StoreFront 3.7 passes the zone information to the DDC. If configured, DDC makes use of the zone information to select the most optimal VDAs for launching applications/desktops. For details of zone preference supported in XenApp/XenDesktop 7.11, please see here.

Administration Console Performance Improvement

The performance of loading multiple stores into the Administration Console has significantly improved in StoreFront 3.7. Our measurements (based on a VM with 2 vCPUs and 4GB RAM) suggest that it takes less than a minute to load 75 stores.

Windows Server 2016 Support

StoreFront 3.7 supports running on Windows Server 2016.