I’m energized by innovation. It’s one of the most important ingredients of success. As I travel the world and meet the people of Citrix, I’m seeing innovation in action, a result of renewed focus on our strategy of making the world’s apps and data secure and easy to access. Anywhere. At any time. And on any device or network.

It’s this strategic alignment that is fueling our innovation, particularly with our work around Workspace-as-a-Service, and our push to demonstrate forward thinking to our customers. Citrix is making tremendous progress toward redefining the very meaning of “workspace.”

You probably think of a desk when you think of a workspace, but we believe that technology can empower and transform any workspace in the future, not just the traditional desk of the knowledge worker. Imagine how much time physicians can save with technologies that can automatically read and input information from patients as soon as they walk in the room. Imagine the efficiency in manufacturing when appliances can let field workers know when they need servicing. We are moving beyond a desk and a device and into a bold, imaginative world where all systems work together wherever and whenever you need them.

While we’re focused on the future, we’re also seeing customer and partner-centric innovations—that are helping customers today—in all of our core areas.

Accelerating Innovation in our Core

With XenApp and XenDesktop, it’s remarkable how much we’ve done over the last year. Today, we are releasing XenApp & XenDesktop 7.11, the third significant release for these products this year. This release brings with it an impressive list of new capabilities and improvements—enhanced Mircrosoft integrations and support, management innovations and user-experience enhancements to name a few. In the last year alone, we’ve rapidly changed the pace of innovation in this area, to quarterly releases, and we’re seeing how focus can accelerate growth.

To further expand these improvements and keep this pace, Citrix just acquired Norskale, which will bring us the technology and know-how to offer Workspace Environment Management capabilities with XenApp and XenDesktop. And, as we recently announced, we are moving forward—in conjunction with Microsoft—with our new XenApp ‘Express’ service to deliver XenApp from Microsoft Azure.

In our networking business, we just released NetScaler CPX Express, a free developer version of NetScaler that runs in a Docker container, and the possibilities of NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS) are astounding. Networking delivery, as we know it, is changing. Just as we moved from load balancing to application delivery controllers, we’re now seeing the move to DevOps ¾ where developers need this technology just as much as IT.

And, of course, there is ShareFile, a completely agile, born-in-the-cloud solution for business file synchronization and sharing, a true innovation engine. In addition to almost weekly updates, ShareFile has released all-new information rights management and document workflow features—two major product innovations that are changing, for the better, the way our customers work. With ShareFile, we are thinking beyond just file exchange; we are enabling people do more than just moving a file from Point A to Point B. It’s not just the ‘what’ that people are doing with the file; we are innovating around the ‘why.’ Why do people share documents and data? For approvals. For review. For feedback and edits. We are building ShareFile to meet these demands. And this is just the start.

Securely Enabling the Extraordinary for our Customers

Top of mind for our customers—and therefore the driver of our innovation across all products—is cyber security, which is more important than ever, with attempted data breaches coming by the millions these days. Let’s be clear: no one is immune to security threats. So, we have to reimagine the scope of what it means to provide security for our customers, with robust features that address identity and access security, network security, application security, data security, and even monitoring and response security—from authentication and authorization to centralization and compliance.

Customer-Focused Innovation

The best part of our move to rapid innovation at Citrix is the immediate benefit for our customers.

With our services tightly integrated and our push to the Cloud, customers can scale faster with less cost, reduce infrastructure and start to see real increases in productivity—all while having the confidence that their data is secure. Take, for example, Citrix customer Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority (LMHA) in Toledo Ohio. LMHA has become the first government agency in the U.S. to move to the Citrix Cloud.

Deploying NetScaler on Microsoft Azure Government and using XenApp, XenDesktop and SharFile to securely deliver apps and data from the cloud, LMHA is leveraging Citrix solutions to redefine how technology can work for government entitities. As CIO Craig Patterson says,

Change can happen if you put your mind to it, especially with partners like Citrix and Microsoft.

It’s exciting to see Citrix moving from being a tools vendor to a provider of the best-integrated solutions for the secure delivery of apps and data.

Empowering Citrix Teams to Drive Innovation

This week, Jeroen van Rotterdam joined Citrix as our Senior Vice President of Technology. Jeroen will be responsible for providing thought leadership for our future technology strategy, driving innovation and leading our continuous effort to advance common high-quality engineering standards.

Jeroen brings more than 20 years of industry experience to Citrix. Most recently, he served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of EMC’s Enterprise Content Division and General Manager of their Computer System’s Archiving Solutions, the fastest growing area in the division. Prior to his nearly decade-long career at EMC, he co-founded X-Hive Corporation where he held the roles of Chief Executive Officer and CTO. He also has served on the standardization committees for the Dutch Aerospace and Defense industry and XML Technologies. With more than 42 pending and granted patents in his name, Jeroen is a strategic thinker and problem-solver.

Citrix has had many successes in its first 27 years, and with our focus on innovation, I’m excited about our journey to more great successes for our customers, partners and Citrix in the many years to come.