In 2016, we have delivered significant improvements to Citrix ShareFile. We have already had over 70 product releases across the ShareFile tools and the ShareFile platform.

Below is a highlight of the most important features we have released throughout this year.

Information Rights Management is here! With IRM, documents can be secured even after they are downloaded to a user’s device, meaning data security is no longer at risk once a user has a copy of a file locally. Instead security lives directly within the file. This allows end users to continue working the way they need to in order to get work done while also allowing IT to retain full control of the file. To deliver this new capability, ShareFile partnered with Seclore, a leader in information rights management. With Seclore, ShareFile provides unmatched breadth of support for file formats, endpoint devices and document capabilities when working with protected files.

Earlier this year, we announced additional integration with Microsoft Office Online through the introduction of co-authoring. Co-authoring takes Citrix ShareFile’s collaboration tools to the next level, allowing multiple users to edit Office documents within the ShareFile web application in a single session and saving the changes back to ShareFile automatically. No more sending a file to multiple users, making sure each user is properly using check-in/check-out or merging everyone’s changes.

We have also partnered with Microsoft to add support for ShareFile directly in the Microsoft Mobile Apps. If you are a road warrior or work from your mobile device often, you can now add your ShareFile account to your Microsoft Mobile Apps – Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Through this new integration, users can start from their Microsoft mobile app to preview or edit documents from ShareFile. If preferred, users can also start from within the ShareFile app, select the file they wish to preview or edit and choose “open with Microsoft (App).” This new integration allows users to still be productive even if they only have a phone or tablet to work from. Since the release, more than 75% of all our accounts have started to take advantage of our Office 365 integrations!

We have added several powerful new features to our StorageZone Controller this year:

  • Support for view only sharing enabling more control over access to files
  • Additional image preview capability
  • TLS v1.2 support
  • DLP for customer-managed cloud storage (S3 and Azure)

Connectors also hit a significant milestone with the addition of yet another important connector repository – Documentum.

Sync for Windows and Mac saw significant improvements this year to both their performance, as well as a new dashboard user interface. We also added two highly requested features for Sync for Windows: remote wipe and selective sync!

Desktop for Windows added support for connector sharing and PDF previewing, as well as the ability to add people to folders directly from within the Desktop app instead of needing to go through the web application.

Drive Mapper saw three amazing features added to the tool earlier this year. Support for the following was added: GPO deployments, XenApp and XenDesktop as well as performance improvements when working with large files.

The ShareFile mobile apps all added the ability for audio and video streaming, IRM, additional connector support as well as improvements to the upload flow with the addition of support for upload resume. Each mobile app also added biometric authentication support: iOS added Touch ID, Android added Finger Print authentication and Windows added support for Windows Hello.

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