The LUI service is now available to all Citrix Service Provider partners, and it’s easier than ever for partners to understand monthly consumption of hosted app and desktop services. Having debuted earlier in March, the License Usage Insights Service (LUI) has already helped many CSP early adopters simplify their license usage collection and reporting strategy with a solution that combines built-in analysis with cloud based management and license use insight.

Citrix developed the LUI service to benefit service provider partners and help you in two specific ways:

  • Simplify and speed up monthly license reporting
  • Provide business insight and value to partners

LUI can be immediately accessed by CSPs via Citrix Cloud.

Citrix has named LUI as the recommended and best supported license collection solution

Along with service availability, the Citrix Service Provider program also communicated updated program and licensing guidelines that include new information, requirements and resources for license usage collection and reporting. With this update, Citrix announced a requirement for Citrix Service Providers to deploy the License Usage Insights service before renewal or creation of a new program agreement.

What does this program update mean for Citrix Service Providers?

The LUI solution uses built-in product reporting (license usage information sent to Citrix from the Citrix License Server) with a cloud based admin experience (access LUI service in Citrix Cloud from your browser) to provide a simple to deploy and easy to use solution.

License Usage Insights Service solution overview
License Usage Insights Service solution overview

Citrix recommends that all partners review the specific licensing information sent to Citrix and to fully understand the features and options available with the solution. With this understanding, partners can best align business goals and requirements for viewing and working with license consumption data within the cloud service.

Even with anonymized license usage data configured, it’s important for partners to understand that product license usage information data is being reported and how that may impact existing and new agreements with end customers and subscribers.

Learn more about LUI features by reviewing these materials.

Active Use is a key performance indicator (KPI) for a subscription service business!

If you’re running a hosted service business, it’s important to clearly understand what customers are paying for and how that compares to what is actually being used or consumed.

Here are a few tips for you to help you to understand useful Active Use KPIs:

When active use metrics are healthy (high)…

  • Partner and solution value is clear to customers.
  • New service add on opportunities are more probable.
  • Service renewal and growth is more reliable.

When active use metrics are unhealthy (low)…

  • Partner and solution value is not clear to customers.
  • Renewal business is at risk.
  • New service sales and up-sells are challenging.

Today, the License Usage Insights service offers our partners monthly active use metrics for XenApp and XenDesktop across multiple license servers, along with a breakdown of for each license server.

Monthly active use of hosted app and desktop services
Monthly active use of hosted app and desktop services

Simplify your monthly reporting routine with an added benefit of business insight

LUI will get up you and running with a monthly active use metric for your app and desktop services in no time. Conveniently, the total active use metric is also the correct number of XenApp and XenDesktop licenses to report to your Citrix Distributor for that month. LUI delivers both data points with a single easy to use solution – saving time for services providers and providing a valuable health of business KPI.

Get started today

Citrix tracks active use for our own cloud services, including LUI.  One simple, but effective, measure we use for the LUI service is monthly service visits by CSP partners. Help us drive to our active use goals by logging in today and using the service!

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