XenMobile 10 and Skycure integration

This post describes the configuration required to use Skycure in organizations using XenMobile to manage the mobile devices.


  • Up and running XenMobile 10 environment.
  • Skycure admin access.
  • XenMobile environment (FQDN) should be accessible from internet for integrating with Skycure.


  • Step 1: Login to Skycure Admin Console using administrator credentials.

URL: https://mc.skycure.com/authenticable_users/sign_in

  • Step 2: Go to Settings > Device Management Integration > EMM Integration Selection and choose ‘XenMobile’ to setup the integration.


  • Step 3: Click on Basic Setup available under XenMobile Integration and download the files required to setup SkyCure integration by clicking on here option (Highlighted in below screenshot).


  • Step 4: Login to XMS server admin console and Go to Configure > Device Policies > Add > More > Custom > Import iOS & Mac OS X Profile.

The section below is relevant only for organizations using Skycure’s automatic protection.


  • Step 5: Name it ‘Skycure VPN’ and Click Next.


  • Step 6: Upload the .mobileconfig file you’ve previously downloaded from the Skycure admin console (This file is available in the zip file which you have downloaded in Step 3). Under ‘Platforms’, make sure to un-select ‘Mac OS X’.


  • Step 7: Leave Delivery Groups un-selected and click Save.


  • Step 8: Enabling iOS Malware Detection. Go to Configure > Device Policies > Add > More > Apps > App Inventory.

Name it ‘Skycure iOS Malware Detection’ and hit ‘Next.

Also ensure that the policy is ‘ON’ for iOS and that only the iOS platform is checked on the left side.


  • Step 9: Make sure iOS is set to ON.


  • Step 10: Leave Delivery Groups un-selected and click Save.


  • Step 11: Go to Configure > Device Policies > Add > More > Apps > App Configuration.


  • Step 12: Name the policy ‘Skycure App Configuration’.


  • Step 13: For identifier, select ‘Add new’ and type: com.skycure.skycure

For ‘Dictionary content’ open the .plist file you’ve previously downloaded from Skycure (Downloaded in above step 3) – and paste its entire content into the XenMobile console.


  • Step 14: Leave Delivery Groups un-selected and click Save.


  • Step 15 : Now we will try to add Skycure Android and iOS app into Xenmobile. Go to Configure > Apps > Add > Public App Store.Capture13
  • Step 15: Provide a Name for the App (EX: Skycure) and select iPhone, iPad,Google Play from the left hand pane and click Next.


  • Step 16: Search for Skycure app > Select the app and click next.

Repeat the same process for iPad and Google Play.


  • Step 17: Leave the approval section with default selection and click Next.


  • Step 18: Leave Delivery Groups un-selected and click Save.


  • Step 19: Now we will create a Delivery group for the SkyCure users. Click on Configure > Delivery Groups > Add.


  • Step 20: Provide a name for this Group EX: SkyCure and hit next.


  • Step 21: Search and Select the AD Group’s to which you want to install and configure Skycure.


  • Step 22: Select the Device policies that you have created in above steps and click Next.


  • Step 23: Select the Skycure app to Required Apps and Click Next.


Leave Actions, Sharefile and Enrollment Profile Tab’s with default selection and Click Next.

  • Step 24: Click Save.


  • Step 25: Login to Skycure Management Console, select Settings >  XenMobile Integration > Basic Setup and enter the XenMobile FQDN, admin username and password. Click on Apply Changes.


  • Step 26: If the integration was successful you will see the below screen with XenMobile Delivery Groups and Last Sync time.


  • Step 27: From the same screen Select Skycure Delivery Group that we have created in above steps from the Drop down and Click on Apply Changes.


  • Step 28: If you also wish to use the bi-directional capabilities of the integration, you may opt to do so under Settings > XenMobile Integration > Full Integration > Enable bi-directional server – to – Server integration and click Apply Changes.

If you enable this option Skycure will tag each device in the Skycure Delivery Group with the property ‘Skycure Compliant’. It will be true if the device is compliant and false if the device is noncompliant according to the company’s mobile security compliance policy.


After you allow the bi-directional integration, and once you select to use enforcement in your organization under Settings > Security > Protection Actions, after the following sync with XenMobile all devices in the delivery group selected above will have a new property automatically created and maintained by Skycure: ‘Skycure Compliant’. It will be ‘Yes’ when the device is compliant according to Skycure, or ‘No’ when the device is noncompliant according to Skycure.



  • Step 29: Enrolling iOS or Android device. Download WorxHome from AppStore or Google PlayStore and launch WorxHome > enter the enrollment URL provided by your organization and enroll your device using your corporate credentials.



  • Step 30: After successfully enrolling your device SkyCure App will be auto pushed by XenMobile, go ahead and install the Skycure app.


  • Step 31: Launch Skycure app.
  • Step 32: Initial setup will be done automatically, please follow the below screens and hit allow as and when prompted.

Note: For Android devices you need to manually configure Initial Setup.


  • Step 33: After successfully configuring the Skycure app you will see the below screen with Alerts/Warnings and recommendations by Skycure.


  • Step 34: Now you can login to Skycure management console and see this device under Users & Devices Tab.