Citrix delivers the most complete end-to-end digital workspace solution on the market. Period.

compete-infographic-thumbA great user experience = user adoption

Citrix consistently puts the customer—specifically the end user—at the forefront of our designs. Citrix Receiver works like an app store that users are already familiar with, and that app store concept is consistent on every device they use to access their corporate apps and desktops.

What’s more, our HDX protocols ensure the fastest printing, file saving and app launching. We know that in order for your virtual apps and desktop deployment to be successful, you need user adoption. And your employees are not going to use something that is difficult or cumbersome.

To provide additional flexibility to your employees, Citrix offers Remote PC Access, allowing remote access to their physical desktop when outside of the office. They gain simple and secure access without the complications and delays that come with traditional VPN, including multiple logins and an overall slow experience.

When Citrix says “any,” we mean it.

Any cloud. Any hypervisor. Any network. Any device. It’s really not that complicated. Citrix puts customers first and lets you choose what’s right for your environment. XenApp and XenDesktop is great on XenServer, but it runs equally well on vSphere, Hyper-V, Acropolis—whichever hypervisor you choose.

As for your cloud options, the sky’s the limit! Use Azure, AWS, IBM; public, private, hybrid—again, the choice is yours, and those choices are available today.

Citrix brings security and simplicity together

It’s a delicate balance between security and usability—a balance that Citrix has mastered. Manage risk by securing app and data access across any location, any network and any device, but keep it simple for your workforce.

Yes, Citrix is FIPS and Common Criteria certified, but we also offer single sign-on to apps with Federated Authenticated Service, making things secure for IT and simple for users. You can also securely access, sync and share files from anywhere, and that functionality is integrated with our apps and desktop solution.

“The built-in functionality that Citrix offers applies security without stripping the ability and the functionality away from the end user.”
Timothy Tuttle, Senior Application and SQL Architect, Quarles & Brady LLP

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