You asked. We delivered. A Healthcare Special Interest Group (SIG) is coming to the Citrix User Group Community (CUGC).

Did you know that the CUGC currently has over 1800 members who work in the Healthcare Industry, second only to the number of members in the Technology Industry? With this group represented in such numbers, many of you felt that it only made sense to create a group dedicated to identifying and solving the technical challenges that exist in Healthcare IT.

You could say that we’re now offering a new treatment plan — an industry-specific SIG just for you.

Before we describe the plan, though, let’s first talk a little about the Citrix User Group Community. Now in its second year, the CUGC was created for its users, by its users, and is dedicated to helping members and their businesses excel. CUGC members are technology professionals interested in maximizing the value of Citrix and partner products.

There are many benefits to membership. First, you are part of a global network of users and experts who share solutions and insights. Second, online communities and local groups can connect you with all levels of technology professionals and managers tackling the same challenges you face. Third, the community offers technical webinars, articles, forums and other exclusive content, as well as discounts on education and events.

Now, there is a group specifically dedicated to Healthcare stakeholders.

In keeping with the mission of the CUGC, we have two current CUGC members — experienced Citrix Healthcare professionals who have stepped up and agreed to lead the group.

Dan Schlimme, Enterprise System Architect, Novant Health Systems, Winston-Salem, NC.

Dan has been with Novant for more than 8 years and is both Expert level certified in Virtualization and Professional level certified in NetScaler. He manages a Citrix farm that includes an ‘Epic on XenApp’ deployment, with an impressive 15,000 concurrent users daily. Additionally, his environment uses 4 HA pairs of NetScalers for GSLB, local load-balancing and remote access.

Carl Behrent, Senior Systems Engineer, Taranaki District Health Board, New Zealand.

Carl has been working with Citrix technologies for 12 years. In addition to being a subject matter expert in almost every Citrix product, his interests also include IoT and automation.

In addition to the two leaders, several of us on the Citrix side will be involved. Whitney Kimmel senior manager, community marketing, will manage the Healthcare community, and I, Mark Howell, will contribute with technical ideas and solutions as I am a senior manager, technical marketing for Citrix.

As a team, we’ve been extremely busy coming up with ideas for the Healthcare SIG, even before its creation. They include:

  • The first technical blog post for the group, an article that will be written by both Dan and Carl on the subject of upgrading from XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7.6. This document will contain real-world issues and how they were managed by their respective organizations and Citrix.
  • A cross-functional webinar with the NetScaler SIG. Although we haven’t nailed down the details, users can expect to learn about how NetScalers can be used in Healthcare for remote access and beyond.
  • A possible in-person meeting at Summit 2017.
  • A possible in-person meeting at HIMSS 2017.
  • An in-person meeting at Synergy 2017.

If you have not yet joined the Citrix User Group Community (CUGC), please join here: Once you are on the roster, we hope that you also will  join the Healthcare Special Interest Group.

If you are a current member of the CUGC, we invite you to join the Healthcare Special Interest Group now.

Look for details about joining the Healthcare SIG in next Tuesday’s community-wide monthly e-mail. Tell your friends, your co-workers, or anyone whom you think will benefit from belonging to this group.

With your help, this group will be the best community in the CUGC. Collectively, this special interest group stands to be a great source of high-value content and knowledge sharing. It will serve as an online and in-person hub for professional healthcare connections. Most important, the Healthcare SIG can be an influential voice of innovation and change within Citrix.