Fujitsu, a global force in realising enterprise digital transformation now offer an easy, cost-effective approach to enterprise class Virtual Client Services for the mid-market. 

The new Fujitsu Virtual Client Services (VCS) Hyperscale Appliance is a competitively priced virtual computing service that really levels the playing field by bringing all the benefits of desktop and application virtualization to companies of all sizes. It can pave the way for a successful digital business transformation and workplace innovation to deliver tangible benefits for customers and employees.

Businesses are striving to be more responsive and increase productivity through digital transformation, but they need to mitigate risk. Choosing the right technology is about listening to and empowering the right people. How can you improve the end user experience and workforce satisfaction? Individual teams are best placed to pick the services and tools that can improve operational efficiency, but you need a solid framework like Fujitsu Workplace Anywhere in place that provides oversight and security without sacrificing flexibility.

With the meteoric growth of mobility and distributed workforces, the ability to deliver secure personalized desktops, applications and data files on any device, at any location, has never been more desirable. VCS offers flexibility and convenience, but without IT managers having to sacrifice the security of their corporate data.

“We are leveraging Fujitsu’s extensive know-how as an established leader in Virtual Client Services to now also provide smaller organizations with all the benefits of the Citrix XenDesktop virtualization technology at a lower price point, coupled with an easy set-up process with automated scripting which ensures that customers gain faster time to value,” explains Karyn Jeffery, Vice President and Head of End User Services, Global Delivery in Fujitsu’s Managed Infrastructure Services business. “The result is a highly competitive, enterprise-class, secure VCS Hyperscale Appliance managed service for desktops and data.”

Traditionally, VCS services have been prohibitively expensive for smaller companies. Deployment and integration has also typically been complex, often necessitating new code. With this new service, automated scripting enables rapid deployment, so companies can get started with VCS immediately.

Importantly, Atlantis USX reduces hardware costs and provides the resiliency and extensibility customers need. Fujitsu’s appliance is able to optimize system usage by providing virtual storage volumes that are accessible to any application. It’s also easy to stir Microsoft services and environments into the mix thanks to standardization on Citrix XenServer hypervisor software, which is included with XenApp and XenDesktop, making the VCS Hyperscale Appliance an ideal platform for Citrix app virtualization and VDI solutions.

The result is a scalable, manageable and agile virtualization infrastructure that draws on Fujitsu’s extensive expertise in delivering flexible workplace solutions. Each individual unit supports up to 500 users and you can combine multiple appliances. It’s a cost-effective way to manage expansion, smoothly scaling up to a system capable of supporting much broader adoption. This service will drive down costs dramatically for mid-sized businesses or business units in larger enterprises interested in leveraging the benefits of VDI and or App virtualization.

“Comprehensive market proven App Virtualization and VDI solutions provide Citrix customers and their employees with the freedom to work securely from anywhere while cutting IT costs,” says Calvin Hsu, Vice President of Product Marketing, Desktops & Apps at Citrix. “We believe that solutions such as Fujitsu’s new VCS Hyperscale Appliance, coupled with their world class knowledge and experience, will accelerate and further reduce the cost of centrally delivered Windows, Linux, web, SaaS apps and full virtual desktops to any device.”

We’re excited about bringing the benefits of VCS to more companies in a flexible, configurable and cost effective package. Secure virtualization frees organizations to focus on new innovations, while retaining the business agility they really need. The Fujitsu VCS Hyperscale Appliance is available now as a managed service from Fujitsu.