Recently I came across Atlantis USX. It’s a software-based storage solution, which enables enterprises to pool and abstract all the storages (RAM, Flash, DAS, SAN, NAS, Traditional and All-flash array).


Our of curiosity, I requested a trial from and started exploring the solutions. I am happy to share how existing infrastructure can be used to scale up the additional storage with minimal of few high-speed San or flash disk.

The best parts of this solution are:

  • You can provision new storage instantly
  • Move VMs and data between data centers in seconds
  • Virtualize any storage hardware at the speed of flash
  • Cut storage costs by 50-75%
  • Accelerate performance
  • Manage all storage from a single pane of glass

Quick Deployment Guide: Click here

Sample test guide: Click here

Atlantis instantly delivers virtual storage volumes to applications like VDI Workspace, general Virtual Server environments and much more. By pooling storage, both storage capacity and performance are used more efficiently in the data center, thereby lowering cost, increasing performance and making data centers more agile.

Atlantis USX also provides policy-based management of virtual storage volumes that allows administrators to define the capacity, performance and availability requirement for individual VMs or applications. It delivers automation of all storage functions through REST APIs that are leveraged by third-party orchestration systems to provide Quality of Service (QoS), self-healing to provide resiliency, autonomics to create the optimal storage volume configurations, and event-based management to automate self-provisioning of applications.


As a Citrix Ready partner, Atlantis has been working with Citrix to provide a flexible and powerful software-defined storage platform and also to deliver the better performance than the fastest all-flash array, at half the cost of traditional SAN, on any class of enterprise storage. Read more about Atlantis Computing on the Citrix Ready Marketplace

About the Citrix Ready Program
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