Cybersecurity is a popular topic in Government circles these days, but several agencies still focus majority of their time, effort and manpower on cyber-hygiene. System operations basics such as patching, encryption, strong authentication and compliance are still a challenge in several agencies where legacy systems, applications and practices keep administrators in react mode.

How do we operationalize and ease the burden of these hygiene efforts so we can focus on mitigating real cyber threats thereby truly securing Government Apps and Data?


Using a Virtual Delivery Platform provides several benefits for Applications and Data allowing Government agencies to ease the burden of Cyber-hygiene while improving Cybersecurity posture:

  • Built-in Compliance. FIPS Encryption and PIV Authentication are inherently part of the XenApp delivery platform, thereby allowing any application delivered through the platform to inherit compliance without retrofitting individual apps. Leverage built-in compliance, instead of bolt-on solutions.
  • Patch Once. Delivery everywhere. Imagine patching your applications once — centrally and every user getting this patched version of the application or desktop instantly. It’s a reality with virtualization. Centralize patch management for flexibility and agility – this should take minutes, not days or weeks.
  • Bring the user to the data. Not vice versa. Devices get lost and stolen. How do you ensure sensitive data integrity without sacrificing performance or usability? Contextual Data Access ensures the right person in the right location gets the right amount of data access. Govt Data Access should be a dimmer dial based on scenario not an on/off switch.

To learn more about how your agency can leverage a virtual delivery platform to get these benefits. Contact me directly or your local Citrix Rep.