Citrix envisions a world in which people, organizations and things are connected and accessible to make the extraordinary possible.

Our strategy to make this vision a reality is to deliver an integrated portfolio of technology services that empower the secure delivery of applications and data across any device, any platform and any Cloud. By unlocking such capabilities, Citrix enables our customers to reimagine how and where work gets done, as well as what ‘things’ are involved in doing it.

It’s a powerful statement of intent, and at the heart of the message is recognition and realization that applications and data will continue to evolve, just as our customers must continue to evolve, as they embark upon their digital transformation journeys.

At Synergy 2016, we clearly identified four key industry mega-trends that we believe are shaping the next wave of information technology – cloud, mobility, big data & analytics and IoT. These are the trends that we believe will have significant impact on every business, new and old, across the globe.

In many of the conversations I have with our customers, they are acutely aware of these trends and the opportunities presented by each for driving new business processes. Traditional IT departments are being driven to be much more closely aligned with the business; the very nature of the services they provide are changing due to the sheer speed at which they must turn demand into supply for their organizations to remain competitive.

However, I firmly believe we are only just scratching the surface of what this new paradigm will offer.

For example, as IoT technologies mature (which will happen at an unprecedented rate compared to previous technology adoption and maturity cycles) and weave their way into the fabric across myriad industries, the way in which we define applications, capture and analyze data and enable secure delivery of information must change – all must evolve rapidly to realize the true business benefits.

Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination. It is also not a seamless transition. In those same conversations with our customers, their top complaint is how, historically, the introduction of technology is often detrimental to productivity. A consistent theme is repeated: they want technology to enhance user experiences, not get in the way of user experiences – increasing individual productivity is the holy grail.

For over 25 years, Citrix has been trusted by organizations from all four corners of the world to help them deliver business-critical applications. We have been integral to their success in the past and we will be integral to their success in the future. Why are we so sure? Simply because we have the experience and the history. We understand what it takes to build solutions that help continually enable their business. From the early days of client/server, to virtual desktops, to web, to mobile, and now to IoT and beyond, we have been part of each customer’s journey – each stage of their transformation to date – and are uniquely positioned to continue to be that trusted partner, as each customer embarks upon their next phase.

I have spoken many times about a concept that I call The Application Delivery Continuum. It is intended, simply, to acknowledge that although there may be many new types of services and technologies employed within organizations, there is almost always an evolutionary element, one that could require integrations or re-use of elements of existing applications in an enterprise portfolio. Seldom have I seen entire systems replaced with no “legacy” left behind. I believe that thinking in this way puts us in the customer’s shoes and allows us to be more aligned with reality.

Customers don’t buy products. They buy solutions.

As we continue to imagine this new world and the impact of technology on our customers, we’re also evolving our thinking. The opportunities across Consumer IoT, Enterprise IoT and Industrial IoT are leading us to define the overall solution as Workspace IoT. By bringing together technologies and offerings from across Citrix, Workspace IoT represents an opportunity for us to rapidly evolve our message of secure delivery of applications and data, in a language that our customers will easily understand.

WorkSpace IoT

Workspace IoT is not just defined by endpoint devices or things. It is defined by how all of these devices and things interact with users, with machines, with applications, with location, with workflows and with data. It is these interactions that will define future Workspaces. Integrating ‘things’ within Workspaces will help mitigate the estimated $2.7bn technology-productivity gap by empowering ‘things’ to provide real-time insights, trigger analytical and transactional workflows, and rapidly execute activities that were formerly required to have differing levels of human intervention.

Sound too futuristic? Not at all.
Chris Fleck, VP of Emerging Technologies, gives a great example of
how we are addressing that very scenario in Healthcare.

In this future environment, traditional applications become the exception and the norm is where applications and data are deployed across multiple clouds and across multiple devices and things.

We understand that this transition will not be easy for many of our customers, as they continue to manage their legacy environments while transitioning services and data to the cloud, while at the same time trying to offer a seamless experience in how their employees interact with the old and the new.

Citrix has a long and enviable history of understanding our customers and their challenges. We will use this to our advantage and help guide them on their digital transformation journey by providing the enabling technology as part of their current and future environment.

Our vision for Workspace IoT is to make technology simple and more accessible by providing the integration and delivery services to embed these new applications and data and allow them to live side-by-side with existing systems, across any infrastructure, into a configurable workspace that enhances individual productivity.

This redefinition of “Workspace” as the combination of a physical and virtual environment, helps our customers use our products to improve their business processes, improve their user experiences, and solve real business problems with less focus on infrastructure management. Or, to put it another way:

The modern consumerization trend, along with the simplicity of technology overall has transformed how people expect to discover, access, and consume applications and data. By providing the platform to deliver this diverse set of applications and data, and focusing on how to deliver information in a contextual way, we will become the go-to solution for digital business transformation. We will to seize the opportunity to enable everyone to start their day with Citrix.

I am excited to be a part of what I believe is a watershed moment for our industry, for Citrix and, of course, for our customers and partners.

In future blog posts, we’ll take a deeper look at the opportunities in each of the areas of Workspace IoT and how Citrix technologies will provide the platform to help drive digital transformation.

Stay tuned – or reach out to me on twitter @reillyusa – with your thoughts and questions.