You’ve heard from me and my colleagues here at Citrix about the benefits of XenApp and XenDesktop—in particular about superior user experience, security and flexible management. But that’s just us. What do our customers think?

There is no denying the power of how they’re using Citrix products to solve real-world challenges like protecting sensitive information, rolling out Windows 10 and managing web apps. I was lucky enough to chat with a few of our customers this year at Citrix Synergy, and they were gracious enough to let us record and share what they have to say.

Why customers and partners choose Citrix over the competition

I can’t lie – I love to hear why customers choose Citrix over the competition! Whether it’s the fact that they can manage their apps and desktops through a single platform or because they can provide their users with the best possible experience, it’s music to my ears. Perhaps my favorite thing is hearing how, with Citrix, they have freedom of choice in cloud, hypervisor and network.

Citrix delivers customers security and flexibility

Different industries deal in different types of data. But they all hold one thing in common: that data cannot be compromised. Hear IT managers from diverse organizations, including a university, a law firm and an insurance company, explain why they rely on Citrix to secure their apps, desktops and data.

Rollout Windows 10 in a single day—with zero downtime

Allegro Pediatrics provided new Windows 10 devices to their clinicians on a Monday, and had few if any helpdesk calls related to the new operating system. With XenApp, Allegro made the clinicians’ apps accessible on the new Windows 10 devices—even if all of those apps were not Windows 10 compatible. Clinicians launch the apps via Citrix Receiver and got to work without missing a beat—critical in any healthcare setting.

Interested in another story of using XenApp and XenDesktop to rollout Windows 10? Hear how this law firm is rolling out Windows 10 as a virtual desktop and keeping hundreds of apps accessible – even if they’re not yet compatible with Windows 10.

Why customers virtualize web apps

There’s a reason browser-based apps are the most common virtualized apps on XenApp. Customers know that keeping apps current with browser updates and compatible with the different browsers that their workforce uses is an uphill battle. Hear how they make things easier for both the end user and for on-going IT maintenance by publishing the apps on the best browser type and version with all the associated plugins. Hear from customers about the benefits they experience from virtualizing web, browser and SaaS apps. (And learn more in my recent post, Are Browser Updates Causing Headaches? We’ve Got the Cure.)

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