If yours is like many IT organizations, with growing concerns about native email security risks, including unencrypted email messages, contacts, and attachments, you’ve probably had to ask employees to stop using native email. Instead, they should be using an email client that is included in your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Suite. Unfortunately, when employees begin using the new EMM mobile email client they often give you the “deer in headlights” look, due to the challenging user experience.

You may be wondering whether, despite the security risks, you should allow users to revert back to native email. Certainly, with newer versions of iOS and Android for Work, the security risks are lower, but risks still exist.

At Citrix, we believe, that you have another option – WorxMail.

WorxMail, a mobile app for email, calendar and contacts, combines the user experience of native consumer apps with security and productivity features built for the enterprise to meet the needs of both users and IT. With WorxMail, mobile users can leverage the same Outlook and Notes capabilities they are used to, with functions tailored specifically to mobile scenarios.

To be fully productive, your employees need to be able to incorporate email into their ongoing work experience, as they collaborate and share content with co-workers. In other words, it’s our belief that email should be a tool that’s useful beyond just receiving and sending emails.

Here are the capabilities that sets WorxMail apart from native email and other EMM email clients:

  • Work easily with documents and attachments – WorxMail integration with Citrix ShareFile®—a secure enterprise file sync-and-sharing solution—makes it simple for mobile device users to attach documents to emails, share large files and even save attachments. Moreover, using integrated editors such as QuickEdit allows users to track changes and insert comments – all without leaving their email environment.
  • Attachment Repository – The Attachment Repository allows the end-user to store documents in the secure vault area of the MDX container. Users can access attachments when working offline, add received attachments (from different email sources) to newly composed emails, and sort attachment files by sender’s name, date received or file size. This cool feature significantly improves the way users interact with email on their mobile device.

Attachment Repository

  • Calendar and meetings on the go – WorxMail’s calendar features are unique from other email apps. Its integration with Citrix GoToMeeting and Cisco WebEx makes it easy for users to join meetings anytime and from anywhere. Forwarding meeting invites with attachments is absent from most mobile email apps, but WorxMail makes it simple. WorxMail also allows users to send “running late” emails or set “Out of Office” just by a single click of a button.
  • Scheduling Assistance – Only WorxMail streamlines meeting planning by allowing users to access colleagues’ free and busy time slots. In case a user is busy, WorxMail’s scheduling assistant lists the next few available time slots to schedule a meeting.
  • Screenshot2Capture notes and quickly attach to emails – Citrix WorxNotes, a secure business-class note- taking application, integrates with WorxMail. Users can securely create, sync and share notes with specific user groups, and distribute the notes through WorxMail with one click.
  • Sort email quickly – Getting through emails, especially on a mobile device with a small screen is essential! To manage mobile in-box more easily, users can use Fast Sort features to preview unread messages, then move, mark as read or flag messages quickly so they can zero in on the content that matters most.


In addition to a friendly user experience, WorxMail provides peace of mind for IT professionals by protecting corporate data with security features such as containerization, secure access control and encryption for email, attachments and contacts.

  • Containerization – Integrated MDX app container technology keeps all email and attachment data separate from personal content on mobile devices and protected through features including password authentication, secure lock and wipe and inter-app policies. Work-related applications and information are unavailable to personal applications. By containerizing corporate applications and data, WorxMail also facilitates selective wiping of corporate applications and data when users change roles, leave the organization or lose their devices.
  • Encryption – Data at rest is protected with AES 256-bit encryption. Files are transferred via ShareFile over a secure SSL/TLS connection.
  • Granular access control – IT can define enterprise and role-based policies to restrict file opening, forwarding, editing and saving to ensure the right level of access for each user. IT can also deploy different email solutions to different types of users depending on their risk profiles. For example, for content creators, office administrators and others with low-risk profiles, WorxMail provides easy access to emails. For board members, executives and people with access to sensitive data, WorxMail adds extensive visibility as well as policy creation and enforcement capabilities.

To learn more, watch the video here.

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