Since the discovery of oil in the UAE more than 30 years ago, the country has undergone a profound transformation that led it to become a modern state with a high standard of living.

This ability to change dramatically and at a very fast pace is an incredible asset for the UAE at a time when the nation focuses on creating an economy that is more technology and knowledge driven than one dependent on petroleum. While the country has already made considerable progress in its strategy to diversify revenue streams (the portion of GDP based on oil and gas output has been reduced to 25%), productivity is essential to speeding up the transition. One of the most effective ways to do so is through the intelligent use of enterprise technology that boosts productivity and sustains the rise of innovative business models.

Given the combination of cloud and mobile-based technologies that have changed and improved the way we work and live, this should not come as a surprise to many business users. As a result, there are numerous products and solutions available on the market today which enable companies to optimize their operations. At Citrix, we firmly believe that technology can be a great liberator. It should free organizations to push the limits of productivity and business operations, empower people to work from anywhere at any time all without compromising security. Today’s reality however is that many organizations still grapple with an unwieldy array of operating systems, platforms, delivery models, legacy apps, and devices.

Another layer of complexity lies within the employees themselves. Ultimately, companies rely on their staff in order to succeed. It’s only when they are functioning to the best of their capabilities that businesses will be able to operate efficiently, transform and thrive. For example, equipping staff with the appropriate tools and business processes, can make it easier for employees to work from anywhere, at any time. Thus, not only they can maximize output, but they can get closer to their customers and serve them like never before. The potential of increased savings—on IT and facility spend, for instance—is also an attractive benefit for enterprises.

Results from a recent Citrix report, conducted in association with IPSOS, which evaluates the practice in detail, say that 71% of business IT decision makers in the UAE agree that through mobility, employees are able to execute tasks quickly, while 62% also say that flexible workplace policies lead to increased productivity. Companies have also shown considerable interest in changing the way applications and data are delivered to employees with regard to its impact on motivation, sales revenue and corporate culture. All of these are important enablers for an enterprise to thrive in a competitive market that is moving away from oil dependence.

In a fast-paced market like the UAE, more organizations need to adopt such solutions in order to transform and accelerate their business, while also encouraging innovation. In this new world of digital transformation, organizations need three important things: secure IT environment (apps, data and infrastructure); a reliable network; and assurance they all work together. To respond to these requirements, there are various comprehensive integrated technology services that empower IT to securely deliver all data and apps across any network, any platform, on any device and in any cloud.

Citrix is in a unique position to help companies embrace cloud-first, mobile-first strategies and to address any number of business challenges, such as enabling employees to use personal devices at work, adopting the latest cloud apps without ripping out legacy environments, or sharing data files with global partners and customers – all while ensuring the data is kept secure at every point along the way. There is no better time for businesses in UAE to enhance their existing environments to more rapidly shift to a digital business model. We are committed to our long-term goal of inspiring innovation and productivity in the UAE, and remain optimistic about the bright future of this nation. Especially when it comes to helping organizations achieve the extraordinary.

Johnny Karam, Vice President, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Citrix