At BlackHat 2016 this week, security expert Dan Kaminsky encouraged the industry to embrace the isolation technology of virtual machines and the cloud as a way to protect data. Kaminsky also stressed the importance of finding solutions to make users want to do their part to secure information.


Citrix shares Kaminsky’s call for data isolation and user adoption of security are essential in helping companies digitally transform their business, a sentiment we share broadly during BlackHat.

In terms of virtual machines, Citrix has been a leader in desktop and application virtualization with XenDesktop and XenApp. Both solutions prevent data loss by storing company information safely in the data center. In addition, Citrix HDX Technology, which is included in both XenApp and XenDesktop, delivers a great high-definition user experience on any device, over any network, that is equal to or superior than a traditional workspace.

Citrix NetScaler, a leader in the Application Delivery Controller (ADC) space, delivers a high-performing network solution with cutting-edge security using advanced SSL offload capabilities supporting next-generation ciphers and encryption methods, which are increasingly required by enterprise and government agencies. From FIPS to elliptical curve cryptography with ephemeral keys, NetScaler secures any environment from end-to-end not just for Citrix deployments, but for all applications that require any form of remote access within the datacenter.

NetScaler ADC’s latest form factor, NetScaler CPX, is a Cloud-ready ADC ideal for microservices deployments and DevOps and agile IT environments. CPX is NetScaler in a container form factor, built from the same code base as the NetScaler ADC and packaged as a Docker container. Now, developers can apply approved security policies and SSL/TLS ciphers early in the development cycle.

For mobile users, Citrix XenMobile isolates or containerizes company data stored on mobile devices with Citrix’s leading MDX technology. XenMobile’s MDX technology provides an additional layer of FIPS compliant encryption and separates company data from personal data which is essential for BYOD.

With Citrix ShareFile, users can securely access their files from any device. Companies can host data in the cloud, store it on an existing network, or use a hybrid model.

These Citrix security solutions are integrated to provide users secure access to their data regardless of their device or type of application – virtual, mobile, SaaS or web. More importantly, the user experience is seamless as users move between devices securely and easily accessing their information and applications. In addition, Citrix Cloud makes it easy to manage these Citrix solutions. As a secure, cloud-based solution Citrix Cloud makes it possible for companies to lower administration cost and complexity.

To learn more, read the Citrix Security whitepaper.