At age two, my niece was a rather serious child. Blue-eyed with porcelain skin, she had silky dark hair and bangs that continuously flirted with her long eye lashes. The child looked like a three-foot tall china doll with little black patent leather Mary Janes shoes.

Despite my constant attempts at cheery conversation, she had never uttered a single word to me, instead choosing to quietly contemplate her dolls, her books and her Charlie Brown record player. On one particular day, I, ever the optimist, tried again, asking, “What’s my name?” Without skipping a beat, she whispered, “Mithy,” with a lisp I didn’t even know she had. Then she broke into a grin that would have melted all of Iceland in winter.

My nickname is Missy, but that afternoon, I couldn’t have cared less. With one word, my tiny niece stole a piece of my heart that she will own for the rest of my life.

Children can tug at the heartstrings that way. When they are sick or in pain, the pull is excruciating.

The professionals at Allegro Pediatrics know this dynamic well, realizing that every child on their patient roster actually represents multiple stakeholders. Those families — parents, loved ones and the children themselves — make tough customers.

That is why a well-thought out, system-wide strategy is key in delivering the highest level of quality care. In a new video from Citrix, Brock Morris, CIO, Allegro Pediatrics, describes how his team has incorporated technology into the health system’s strategic decision making processes. Citrix Solutions for Healthcare address seven key points of emphasis for Allegro Pediatrics.

  1. Technology must be flexible and always-available to remote clinics, home offices and a host of other locations.

Managing IT at Remote LocationsIn the Belleview area, Allegro Pediatrics has eight locations that deliver prenatal, newborn and well- or sick-child services. The Allegro IT infrastructure supports diverse clinician workflows that incorporate care from clinics, hospitals, home office settings and other remote locations. In order to serve the needs of patients throughout the healthcare system, mobile doctors and remote clinics must have constant access to electronic medical records and crucial applications. Citrix Solutions for Healthcare facilitate this by ensuring centralized management, delivering analytical capabilities and guaranteeing consistent user experiences. To learn more about the possibilities, read the whitepaper, “Managing IT at Remote Clinics.”

  1. Medicine is a highly regulated field, so technology solutions must facilitate compliance.

The Citrix IT infrastructure helps Allegro’s IT Team keep pace with ever-changing federal and state government mandates and ensure that protected health information remains private. The IT infrastructure at Allegro Pediatrics also helps the healthcare system ensure that information is high-quality and always referenceable to those who have a “need-to-know.”

Citrix maintains teams of healthcare professionals that keep pace with regulations, healthcare information technology, industry innovations, changing regulations and more. Click here and here for information about Meaningful Use from one of our healthcare experts. To learn about the upcoming MACRA initiative, click here and here.

  1. Clinicians must have 24 x 7 x 365 access to electronic medical records (EMRs)

Physicians and nurses in the Allegro Pediatrics environment use a host of devices and connect over a number of different networks. They work remotely at home or in-clinic and they also serve patients in hospitals, where they roam from patient room to patient room. Thanks to the foundation of Citrix technology, which includes Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix Netscaler MPX5500s, Allegro care givers can securely and seamlessly access EMRs at any time on any device over any network.

  1. The health system’s IT infrastructure must scale up easily.

As Allegro Pediatrics grows, seamless scalability and business continuity are crucial. The foundation of Citrix technology ensures that new users easily can be brought onboard and upgrades can continuously be made. Automated provisioning enables administrators to make an update one time and then automatically push it out to the rest of the user population.

A recent case highlights this: Allegro’s team rolled out more than one hundred Windows 10 devices to medical assistants in one day. In the Citrix video, Brock describes it this way:

Citrix was a key part in that Windows 10 migration. We were able to have the seamless experience with a brand new device, and a brand new operating system, but the Citrix experience was very much the same.

  1. Ease-of-use is key to high user satisfaction ratings.

Delivery of applications and data must be a seamless experience for users. Clinicians, medical staff and support personnel all must be able to access applications and data on any device at any time over any network. In the Allegro environment, Citrix technology enables users to work on the devices that best suit them – espousing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy using personal or corporate devices. The infrastructure is set up so that having the ability to work at any location over any network on any type of device is a given.

  1. Performance and speed of applications and data access are critical – in a healthcare setting, these attributes can make the difference between life and death.

Citrix Netscaler technology enables quick access and a consistent user experience across multiple environments, devices, networks and conditions. NetScaler, designed to streamline and optimize the app experience, optimizes applications over any number of different network types. This translates into higher productivity, significant efficiencies and greater user satisfaction.

  1. Security is an overarching concern that drives every interaction.

Protected patient information is not stored on Allegro Pediatrics’ corporate or privately owned devices. It is housed in the datacenter, so that if a device is lost or stolen, or an employee leaves the organization, unauthorized access to sensitive data cannot occur.

Allegro Pediatrics capitalizes on the power of several Citrix solutions for secure app and data delivery. XenApp is an application delivery solution. With it, Windows®, Linux, Web or SaaS applications can be virtualized, centralized and managed in the data center. Those apps then can be accessed as a service instantly —  from anywhere on any device. XenDesktop delivers secure, remote access to Windows applications and desktops, again, from any device, over any network. Citrix® NetScaler® is a powerful application delivery controller (ADC) for building enterprise cloud networks. NetScaler provides Allegro Pediatrics with an extensive portfolio of essential data center security capabilities.

Watch the video to get an overview of Allegro Pediatrics’ healthcare IT environment and strategy. To learn more about the tools and patient value Allegro offers, explore its online channels and tools such as a Patient Portal, a Pediatric Health Library, and the Allegro Symptom Checker.

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