To coincide with Google’s announcement yesterday, which included plans for the Android 7 rollout, XenMobile has released XenMobile client 10.3.10, as part of our Early Access Release Program.

This build will allow customers to test XenMobile with devices running Android 7 as well as the iOS 10 public beta.

Sign up for the XenMobile EAR program HERE.

How will Android 7 roll out?
When do I need to be able to support it?

Android releases are typically gradual and take place over the course of several weeks.

Android 7 will first be made available exclusively on Nexus devices, including Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, Pixel C and General Mobile 4G (Android). Over the next several weeks, these devices will receive an over-the-air update. After the period of exclusive availability on Nexus devices, Android 7 will roll out to other Android device partners and carriers.

What Android 7 features might be interesting to enterprise business users?

  • Productivity features including multi-window (side-by-side) application viewing, the ability to reply to notifications directly from the home screen without having to launch the app and the ability to switch between your two most commonly used applications with a simple double tap of the Overview button.
  • Enhanced security via software updates in the background, file-based encryption for data-at-rest and faster device booting.
  • Improved battery intelligence for longer periods of time away from the office.

Does Android 7 also include updates for Android for Work (AfW)?

Yes! Android 7 includes new AfW features that will provide a better user experience and additional security.

Some of the new AfW features include:

  • Improved password policies for IT – IT can set password policies that improve the user experience by eliminating the requirement of entering complex passwords every time the device is unlocked.
  • Granular app controls for IT – IT can temporarily suspend apps without removing the entire Work Profile if users aren’t in compliance with company policies.
  • Enhanced VPN capabilities – A new always-on VPN option allows IT to control application data in transit.

Is there a Citrix recommendation for support Android 7 devices with XenMobile?

We recommend using the XenMobile 10.3.10 EAR build to test with Nexus devices that may receive updates in the short term.  If you are participating in the EAR program be sure to review the readme file that accompanies the EAR release for a list of known issues.

XenMobile 10.3.10 general availability release is coming soon and will support both Android 7 and iOS 10 adoption. XenMobile 10.3.10 will support many of the new features mentioned above.

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