I’m just settling into my new role as Director of Development for the Citrix Lifecycle Management (CLM) product. I’m working through the critical steps of onboarding:

  • Find the coffeemaker / snacks / bathroom and other means of personal fortitude … CHECK!
  • Grab obscure office supplies from the supply cabinet that I will never use (Post-It Flags and Rolodex cards and steno pads, OH MY!) … CHECK!
  • Functioning email and SSO into a million internal apps … CHECK!
  • First round of 1:1s with, well, everyone … CHECK!
  • Reviewing the product backlog, releases in progress, roadmap, etc. … CHECK!
  • Making decisions on product issues that I’m still spinning up on (can’t wait for me to feel cozy) … CHECK!

Before coming to Citrix, I worked at a number of early stage startups. I love the energy, the passion and focus that these teams embody. But in the end, what I really wanted to focus on was delivering great products and working with top-flight teams. It seemed to me that the ideal situation would be a startup culture and drive but with the resources and infrastructure of a larger, more stable company.

Enter Citrix Life Cycle Management (CLM) — the core product came to Citrix through the acquisition of a startup.

I’ve found what I was questing for: this team rocks the startup mindset and being part of Citrix is like finding the ultimate channel partner. We have a great solution for efficiently managing the complex XenDesktop/XenApp environments that our customers require. We have made the investment in building a hybrid cloud solution that makes setting up sites from a library of existing Blueprints a streamlined process. But the real value of CLM is realized over the full lifespan of a deployment:

  • Smart scaling of resources to match spend to workload
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Easy updating and maintenance of system resources
  • Plus more services under development that will leverage the CLM platform

So, I’ve found my next startup: it is tucked away within Citrix. I’m excited about the innovations that are on the roadmap and look forward to getting them in front of our customers.