Develop Mobile Apps Without Writing a Single Line of Code with Secure Forms. Come and see the latest and greatest with Citrix Secure Forms at VMworld 2016!

It’s not surprising that we find many of our customers reporting that they are not able to keep up with their business demands for more apps to help employees be more productive.

At Synergy, we released Citrix Secure Forms, a new solution that helps IT mobilize business processes with form-based apps that administrators can quickly create without writing a single line of code. Even non-technical users can create a form in two minutes or less! And only XenMobile offers Secure Forms as part of its complete Enterprise Mobility Management Solution.

How does Secure Forms work?

The Secure Forms Desktop Composer enables non-technical users to create and publish task-based applets and digital forms, all without writing a single line of code. Integration with iBeacon, barcodes, and camera access makes Citrix Secure Forms a platform to easily create advanced and customized apps to capture and process input without cost, time and complexity of creating a new app.

Once created, the forms are accessible to your mobile users through the Citrix Secure Forms mobile app and the data is kept safe using our MDX technology. Your users can access the Citrix Secure Forms mobile app directly from the field eliminating double entry and paperwork. Desktop Composer offers various options to save and store data: store data in Citrix ShareFile, store in an existing Records Management Systems, or email completed forms automatically to designated users, a web service or a network file system.

Citrix Secure Forms’ easy drag-and-drop development options and customizable features has attracted early adopters including law enforcement agencies and healthcare providers.

Are you ready to mobilize your workforce?

If you plan to attend VMWorld, stop by our booth #527 and demo Secure Forms to see how you can enable your users to efficiently execute their tasks and take home your own mini-me.

Citrix Secure Forms is just one of the many ways XenMobile beats the competition. Stay tuned this month to find out more things XenMobile does better.

If you won’t be there to join us in person visit our page or read: Citrix Secure Forms Simplifies Mobile Forms App Creation.