At Citrix Synergy this year, we made a lot of bold promises, particularly related to our expanded partnership with Microsoft.

So, how are we doing? After all, it’s one thing to state the plan, and make the promise. Delivering the actual products and services is where this gets real.

Let’s start with where we are in moving app delivery to the cloud. We took a huge step forward when Microsoft announced that Citrix will develop the next generation of the Azure RemoteApp service, with their assistance.

That service, which we describe in more detail here, will be offered through the Azure Marketplace and will make deploying cloud-based secure app delivery even more simple, while providing the superior experience and flexibility people expect from Citrix. We’ll show the world what that new service looks like when we demonstrate it at Microsoft Ignite at the end of September.

This XenApp “express” service on Azure is being developed at the same time as the XenDesktop for Windows 10 on Azure service we announced at Synergy. You can clearly see the strength of our partnership and our joint commitment to deliver the best possible cloud-based application and desktop experience available in the market.

And those other promises we made at Synergy?

We’re making great progress. In fact, we’re conducting a one-hour live virtual event TOMORROW in our Citrix Santa Clara office to show you all the things we’re working on.

Brad Anderson, Microsoft corporate vice president of Enterprise Client and Mobility, will join me to provide more information on how we’re doing with our Citrix Cloud strategy on Microsoft Azure to meet the digital workspace needs of mid-market and enterprise customers. You’ll also learn more about how we’re working together to integrate our mobile offerings.

Please join us to see how we’re doing in bringing these powerful solutions to market with Microsoft. Register now to attend the webcast and watch the event live. 

We’re just getting started.