You’ve probably figured out by now that unlike PCs, which have an average lifespan of 3 or more years, mobile devices have a much shorter shelf life. On average, mobile devices have a 12-month service life before users want to upgrade to the latest and greatest new gadget. So, finding a way to rapidly deploy and manage mobile apps and devices is crucial to staying ahead of user demand.

Fortunately, in the past couple of years, advancements in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) have come a long way in terms of simplifying deployment – especially Enterprise Mobility Management delivered as a cloud service.

Deploy faster

Depending on the environment, XenMobile Cloud is able to provision and deploy mobile devices and apps in less than 2 hours. And you won’t just get speed, you’ll get peace of mind. With XenMobile Cloud, you’ll feel less anxious about your mobility program knowing you’ve got a solution that lets you stay in front of demand.

Lower costs

Like other IT-related cloud services, XenMobile Cloud keeps your mobility infrastructure costs low. In fact, with XenMobile Cloud, there’s little to no infrastructure required. Plus, the Citrix Cloud Ops Team or a Citrix’s Hosted Solution Provider handles the heavy lifting of configuring and maintaining the infrastructure so you can focus on your users – managing their devices, policies, and apps. XenMobile Cloud’s subscription fee also replaces the need to purchase and manage licenses.

Keep your security team happy

With XenMobile Cloud, there’s no commingling of your data with other customers. And, XenMobile Cloud offers the same end-to-end security that XenMobile on-prem offers. Read more HERE.

Why XenMobile Cloud

While most other EMM vendors also offer a cloud version, only Citrix offers the same EMM features in both XenMobile Cloud and XenMobile on-prem across all 3 different editions of XenMobile: XenMobile MDM, XenMobile Advanced, and XenMobile Enterprise.  Why is this important?  It means you won’t have to sacrifice security and productivity simply to reap the benefits of an EMM cloud service.

This is just one of the many ways XenMobile beats the competition. If you plan to attend VMworld, stop by booth #527, share what you just learned and take home your own mini-me.

Stay tuned this month to find out more things XenMobile does better.

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