Recently, I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a late-model sports car. After the purchase, I discovered it required twice as much oil as a regular car and a special procedure to change it. Yikes! Oil changes are going to be very expensive!!

At my first oil change, I mentioned this to the service manager. He said “Don’t worry, your first five oil changes are included at no charge – as part of the purchase price!” And there it was on the sales invoice hidden in plain sight amongst the car’s features and options. It was a very pleasant surprise, and it made me feel even better about my purchase.

What does this have to do with your Citrix environment?

Well, many of you may be in a similar situation with Citrix Support for your XenApp and XenDesktop licenses. There are two hidden gems in your software license and maintenance contracts that haven’t really been advertised, but which are a really big deal.

Did you know … when you purchased Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop, you were entitled to XenServer to power that infrastructure; did you know that with your XenApp/XenDesktop Software Maintenance, you are entitled to Lifecycle Management-Deploy? You are, and both of these come with no additional charge!

With XenServer 7, workload virtualization has never been easier!

Every edition of XenApp and XenDesktop entitles customers to use XenServer. And this XenServer entitlement isn’t to a specific XenServer edition either—all XenServer advanced features can be leveraged:

  • Dynamic Workload Balancing (WLB) for automatic load balancing and reporting
  • GPU Virtualization (NVIDIA GRID vGPU & Intel GVT-g) for enhanced graphics
  • VMware vSphere to XenServer conversion utilities to simplify migrations
  • Automated XenTools driver and agent updates via Microsoft Windows Update
  • Direct Inspect APIs for secure VM protection against malware, hacking and viruses
  • In-memory read caching (XenApp and XenDesktop Platinum edition only)

To enable XenServer 7, just point your XenServer host to your existing XenApp/XenDesktop product licenses on the Citrix License Server – as with other Citrix components. Get started with XenServer 7 by viewing our Quick Start Guide. In addition to the Quick Start Guide, download our Administrator’s Guide, for more operationally-oriented details.

With Citrix Lifecycle Management, workload deployment has never been easier!

The entitlement to Citrix Lifecycle Management is for the Deploy package. This allows all Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop customers with Software Maintenance to add blueprints to their library and deploy them – at no additional charge. This includes both Citrix-created blueprints and blueprints created by our Citrix Ready partners.

What’s a blueprint?

A blueprint is a set of actions that Lifecycle Management executes to deploy and manage a Citrix product.

What do you need to deploy to get started with Citrix Lifecycle Management?

Nothing! It’s a service. Using your MyCitrix account, all you need do is login to Citrix Lifecycle Management. With this service you can accelerate time-to-value and enhance operational management when deploying Citrix workloads and enterprise applications – simply, easily, consistently and securely.

CLM Matrix of Capabilities

We invite you to take a look at Lifecycle Management today and start benefitting from consistent, speedy and reliable deployment of your Citrix and enterprise workloads. Here are two links to begin with: Getting Started Guide and Deploying a Blueprint.

For the curious… my 2016 Chevy sports car has a dry-sump oil system with a 10.5-quart capacity. And, like XenServer and Lifecycle Management, I can’t believe how much technology they packed in for such an incredibly low price!

Stingray and Slingshot

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