In this guest blog post, Arron Fu, Chief Technology Officer at UniPrint, elaborates on common printing issues in a VDI environment as well as the importance of error free printing in the healthcare industry.
The increasing adoption of VDI technology by hospitals/healthcare organizations has allowed fast and secure desktop and session access for roaming users, but despite all the advances in virtualization technology, location-based printing continues to be problematic for the healthcare industry.

Whether you are a hospital administrator, nurse, doctor or visiting as a patient, you are affected in some way by how your healthcare organization delivers printing and mobility. As caregivers go about their daily tasks and need to print confidential information, such as patient health records, prescriptions and accounting statements, issues begin to arise.

Some of the most common printing issues in a healthcare VDI environment include:

  • Printer Mapping– EMR/EHS printer mapping errors not only cause print jobs to come out on the wrong printer, but also cause caregivers to waste more time locating and retrieving the printed documents. And, a patient could be left waiting for a prescription or discharge form, in addition to security and compliance issues.
  • Label Printing – Easy and accurate label barcode printing for wrist bands and prescription bottles are paramount, and remains a challenge for most hospitals.
  • Full Redundancy – Ensuring an uninterrupted workflow process and ensuring 100% printing uptime.

When ignored, these issues add up to loss of care givers’ efficiency and productivity, loss of patient care quality, increased support desk calls and IT issues.  In order to overcome these common issues, health organizations need a print management solution that will not only improve upon the printing limitations of EMR/EHS applications, but also integrate seamlessly with the IT infrastructure and workflow.

UniPrint Infinity’s Healthcare Printing Suite (HPS) expands the power of Citrix VDI technology providing speedy, error-free and on-demand secure printing from major EMR/EHS applications. Comprising of 3 modules, the HPS provides a comprehensive suite that solves the common healthcare printing issues – Smart Route Printing which allows EMR/EHS apps to be easily configured to ensure printers follow the users, Smart Label Printing which enables accurate barcode printing on labels & specialty printers and High Availability which eliminates any single point of failure in the printing infrastructure ensuring 100% printing uptime.

The net result of any healthcare institution adopting UniPrint’s healthcare print management solution in a Citrix VDI environment, is that users can always print documents to the right printer from major EMR/EHS applications, thereby improving workflow, productivity, security and compliance. Read how St. Joseph Health benefited by combining Citrix and UniPrint technologies.

St. Joseph Health (SJH) provides a continuum of care in Northern and Southern California, West Texas, andUniPrint Infinity Smart Route printing makes IT Eastern New Mexico (USA). It employs over 24,000 professionals and has $5 billion in annual revenue. SJH decided to roll out Meditech with Citrix XenDesktop, but were looking for an advanced printing solution. After consulting with UniPrint at Citrix Synergy in 2013, SJH requested UniPrint to streamline their printing infrastructure using the Emergency Department in Orange County as the pilot group. After understanding how Meditech works, UniPrint created a Smart Route Printing Module that solved the printer mapping issues within 2 weeks and helped boost their printing infrastructure.

UniPrint Infinity printing solution is verified by Citrix to be fully compatible with XenApp and XenDesktop products and has achieved Citrix Ready status. For more information on how UniPrint Infinity empowers secure on-demand printing in healthcare, visit our Citrix Ready Marketplace Profile.

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