In the next two years, the amount of business information or data that has been created since the beginning of time will double.

There is a rich opportunity for businesses to grow using this data for new apps and services with the more than 20B “things” or devices predicted to exist by 2020. This data will come from sensors, appliances, thermostats and all of the other devices that will make up the Internet of Things (IoT). CIOs must protect that data, make it reliably accessible and integrate it with the business so the company can actually use all of that information to drive innovation to provide better products and services, make customers happier and move ahead of the competition.

Citrix is uniquely qualified to help CIOs say “Yes, we can harness the power of Big Data and IoT to improve business results.”

Citrix continues to deliver on innovation with its IoT software platform, Octoblu, to enable organizations to solve complex problems and is paving the way to the Integration of Everything.

During the Intel Developer Forum 16 in San Francisco this week, Citrix and Intel will demonstrate how easy it is to use the Octoblu platform to build IoT applications on top of Intel processors. Citrix and Intel have a long history of working together as strategic partners to create innovative solutions to unlock the true business potential of IoT. We have teamed up to change the way companies integrate the Internet of Things into their business and operations.

Stop by our hands-on workshop on Tuesday, August 16 at 4pm to teach developers how to build an IoT Photo Booth using Octoblu and Arduino 101s with Intel Curie chips. We will be showing this demo live at the show. Please stop by, say hello and ask us questions!


Octoblu is a full-stack IoT platform that enables companies to create IoT services with secure real-time exchange of data. The services are built on open communications and a management platform that supports a variety of protocols for physical devices (smart devices, wearables, and machines) to communicate seamlessly with each other, people, REST APIs and cloud services. Through public, private, or hybrid clouds, users can connect, design, process, and analyze the flow of information. All services have been designed to operate over a robust security and right management architecture.

Intel has a long history in the IoT space and has worked with Octoblu as the software development platform that defines where the sensors for “things” are going to be. Octoblu is a sophisticated, simple interface to create code for the endpoint sensors in these “things” or devices. By using the Intel IoT Gateway (previously code-named Moon Island) the endpoints, such as the Edison or Curie chips, can be installed in many different configurations. The Octoblu IoT software platform, together with the Intel IoT Gateway and the Intel® Edison and Curie motherboards create a mesh network for devices to collect data, turn it into insights with advanced analytics capabilities and help drive decisions that improve business outcome.

To date, there are more than 10,000 registered users of Octoblu connecting more than one million devices that send more than 600 million messages on a monthly basis. What will you build today?

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