True mobility today faces the challenge of switching between various access points, network disruptions, display timeouts, etc., which creates a challenge for any network application to have robust connection. Understanding this challenge, we have put lot of focus on enhancing Session Reliability and Auto Client Reconnect technologies with an improved UI.

The ACR (Auto Client Reconnect) feature, along with SR (Session Reliability) allows users to automatically reconnect back to their sessions after recovering from a network disruption.

ACR can be configured using policies in Citrix Studio. ACR is enabled by default. It can be disabled by setting the “Auto client reconnect” policy to ‘Prohibited’.


ACR and SR timeout can be configured in default.ica file in Storefront.

ACR has a default timeout of 120 seconds or two minutes.

Setting Example Default
TransportReconnectRetryMaxTimeSeconds TransportReconnectRetryMaxTimeSeconds=60 (Add this in default.ica file) 120

SR can be enabled or disabled using Citrix Studio policies. SR is enabled by default. It can be disabled by setting the “Session reliability connections” policy to ‘Prohibited’. On disabling SR, VDA connection port will be changed to 1494 from 2598.


Session reliability timeout has a default of 180 seconds or three minutes.

Setting Example Default
SessionReliabilityTTL SessionReliabilityTTL=120 (Add this in default.ica file) 180

New SR/ACR user interface enhancements make Receiver for Mac consistent with Receivers on other platforms.

  1. Session window is greyed out when reconnection is in progress and countdown timer displays the amount of time for which the session tries to reconnect. When it is timed out, session will get disconnected.
  2. By default, reconnect countdown timer starts from 5 minutes (i.e. If both SR and ACR are enabled then it will have default timeout of 3 minutes and 2 minutes respectively.)


3.  Users are notified when session is successfully reconnected (or disconnected).

User Notification

4.  Application session window during ACR/SR.


Greyscale on the session window can be configured using the below command in command prompt.

defaults write com.citrix.receiver.nomas NetDisruptBrightness 80

By default, value is set to 80.

Maximum value – 100 (Transparent window)

Minimum value – 0 (Full Blacked out session window)

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