For business users, email and attachments go hand in hand — or at least they should. The truth of the matter is that many mobile workflows involving the combination of email and attachments have plenty of room for improvement.

Here are a few examples:

  • Employees 1-3 all send you emails with an attachments. You need to send all three of these attachments to Employee 4. How do you do it? Unfortunately, the common way to do this is to forward 3 separate emails to Employee 4.
  • Employee 1 sent you an email with an attachment. You need to send the file to Employee 2, but you don’t want to just forward Employee 1’s email because it contains sensitive or unnecessary information? This, too, can be a hassle. Of course you can delete the content of the original email, just leaving the attachment and the newly composed email but that takes time and isn’t very efficient.
  • Employees 1-3 send emails with attachments multiple times throughout the day. You remember that one of them sent you a file of interest sometime in the past week.  What’s the fastest way to find that file? Scrolling through your inbox opening emails one at a time might take a while!
  • Darn it! You thought the flight was going to have WiFi but it doesn’t. You had planned to do work on the plane but now you’re stuck because the email attachments in your inbox reside on an unreachable exchange server.

These are just a few examples of how productivity can be lost when working on email from a mobile device.

The Citrix XenMobile team is excited to announce the release WorxMail 10.3.8 which includes an innovative new Attachment Repository. The Attachment Repository will significantly improve the way users interact with email on their mobile device. The WorxMail Attachment Repository allows the end-user to store documents in the secure vault area of the MDX container. The attachment repository workflow improvements map to the common challenges I highlighted above.

  1. The Attachment Repository makes it easy to send multiple files, that may have arrived in your inbox from multiple sources.
  2. Easily add received attachments to newly composed emails or existing emails.
  3. All attachments arriving via WorxMail will automatically be accessible from the attachment repository. No more searching through emails to find a file. It’s already waiting for you in the attachment repository. Easily sort attachment files by sender’s name, date received or file size.
  4. Access attachments when working offline by saving them to your secure container.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.22.15 AM

At this point I hope you’re seeing the great workflow improvements available with the Attachment Repository but you may be wondering how does this relate to ShareFile?  How do I know which one to use?

The answer to this one is pretty simple.  Saving every attachment that comes through your inbox doesn’t make sense right?  In my personal experience, many attachments I receive don’t need to be saved for all eternity on my home drive, ShareFile.  For attachments that you only need to access on a temporary basis the Attachment Repository provides the most efficient workflows and easiest access to attachment files that can be stored locally on the device.

With XenMobile and Worxmail, emails and attachments not only go hand in hand.  They’re attached at the hip.

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