Our customers rely on Citrix technologies to assure privacy, protect sensitive information and enable compliance of apps and data without compromising workforce flexibility and productivity. Read on to find out how you can leverage the Citrix technologies and showcase your solutions.

With Citrix, organizations can provide the right level of confidentiality, integrity and availability for data without placing undue restrictions on the ways people work. Citrix Ready Secure Remote Access Program is designed to help you showcase your products and solutions while highlighting the integration with Citrix products. You can essentially highlight your expertise in the advanced levels of App Management, Device Management, Identity Management and Network Protection. By successfully verifying your solution in this program, you stand to participate in several joint marketing initiatives with Citrix.


The core security pillars of the Citrix offering include:

  • Identity and access – Authentication Authorization Access Control
  • Network security – Remote Access Segmentation Availability
  • App security – Centralization Containerization Inspection
  • Data security – Centralization Containerization File Sharing
  • Monitoring and response – Visibility Auditing Compliance

If verified, your product will stand among a selected few to be showcased under the Citrix Ready Secure Remote Access Program. While this offers you a stamp of verification from Citrix, we will also run dedicated marketing activities to promote your solution.

Who can participate in this program?

Companies who have solutions with expertise in any of the capabilities below:

  • App Management
  • Device Management
  • Identity Management
  • Network Protection

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