It’s a party! Woohoo! Get excited!

Over here on the Citrix Social Media Team, we’re putting on party hats, baking a cake, throwing confetti in the air and popping the cork on the finest bubbly we can get our hands on.

WHY are we doing this, you ask?

That’s a good question, gentle reader, and I’m glad you asked it.

10 years of citrix blog

The reason is that this month, we mark the 10th anniversary of the Citrix Blogs (I KNOW, right?!) We’re pretty excited about it, to say the least. This month, all the way back in 2006, we published our very first blog post (you can read it here … you know, for nostalgia) and we’ve been on a roll ever since.

Hi – thanks for visiting our brand new blog. Things are a bit sparse right now, but we hope to change that soon. We’ll be posting with some articles, but in the mean time, if you have any questions, comments, or thoughts – please post a comment.

Back then, the blog was pretty simple. We started on a site not even owned by Citrix (hard to imagine in this day and age). Eventually, we brought things in-house, then moved to a standard, two-column WordPress site with very few bells and almost no whistles (well … there may have been one or two).

Over the years, Citrites (that’s how we affectionately refer to our employees) from all over the company have published content on everything from Human Resources matters to company happenings to product updates, trends and innovation and more. Anyone who works for Citrix can submit a blog post and, since our launch, we’ve published well over 11,000 of them.

Probably the biggest leap forward in our platform came in 2015 when, on September 30, we launched the all-new Citrix Blog — the platform you see here today. The blog today is the product of more man hours than we could ever count, lots of collaboration, tireless editing and more love than you could imagine.

And Citrites the world over are still hard at work, extolling the virtues of our products, telling the stories of our customers, championing the work of our partners and shouting the barbaric yawp of digital business transformation from the virtual rooftops.

Today, we have more than 400,000 visitors to our blog each month. Our posts—we publish close to 100 each and every month—are shared tens of thousands of times across social networks and garner thousands upon thousands of page views. That’s something we’re pretty proud of (she says with a broad smile on her face).

This truly is a labor of love. We work hard on this every day, but we couldn’t make this what it is without the hard work of Citrix employees in the Americas, Europe, Japan, India, Australia, China, Singapore and more. Most importantly, we couldn’t do this without YOU, our readers. Thanks for visiting, thanks for coming back and thanks for reading.

And this milestone is just the beginning. We’ve got lots in store and look forward to raising our glasses in another ten years! Onward!