Citrix Receiver 12.2 for Mac is now available! It’s got some great new features, including generic USB redirection, enhancements to Session Reliability/Auto Client Reconnect, security enhancements and improved supportability.

Generic USB Redirection – At Citrix, our goal has always been to enable users with secure, convenient access to their corporate apps, desktops and data from anywhere and on any device. The best way to do this is to enable more users, more use cases and more devices. The generic USB redirection enhancement does just that by giving users access to expand the things Receiver can do on the devices they love – in this case on their Mac. We do this by expanding support for more classes of USB devices like scanners, 3D mice and signature pads. Dustin Norman has great post—Generic USB Redirection Now Available in Receiver for Mac 12.2—with lots more detail.

Session Reliability and Auto Client Reconnect – Session Reliability (SR) and Auto Client Reconnect (ACR) are useful capabilities for users that are on the go. In times of network disruption (user closes the lid to move from one conference room to another or is moving across networks), session reliability keeps a user’s session active, keeps displaying the screen and allows the user to resume work when the network is restored without the need for re-authentication. After a period of time, if the user’s session is lost, Auto Client Reconnect (ACR) can be used to reconnect the session without user interaction.

The Receiver 12.2 for Mac release extends SR and ACR capabilities previously delivered in Receiver for Mac (and brings it into closer alignment with Receiver for Windows) in the following ways:

  • The active session window is greyed out when reconnection is in progress
  • A countdown timer displays the amount of time until the session is disconnected
  • Users are notified when being disconnected/reconnected to a session.

Support improvements – Citrix Receiver for Mac introduces a number of support oriented improvements at this release, including:

  • The Citrix Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) funtionality gathers anonymous configuration and usage data from Receiver for Mac to help improve the quality, reliability, and performance of Receiver. Please note that no user identifiable information is collected from the customer environment with CEIP
  • Always-on logging helps to collect important one-time event diagnostics
  • Improved diagnostic gathering during session crashes is enabled by default and can be disabled in the Preferences screen

Security enhancements – Numerous security enhancements and improvements are included in this release:

  • Improved security configuration user interface. In previous releases, the command line was the preferred method to make security-related changes. Configuration settings related to session security are now simple and accessible from the UI, which improves the user experience while creating a seamless method for the adoption of security-related preferences.
  • Native OS X API support for smartcard authentication to NetScaler. This improves the usability of Native OS X API for smartcard authentication over NetScaler. Prior to this release, users were required to install the PKCS#11 module on the client machine to use smartcard authentication to NetScaler. Starting with this release, installing PKCS#11 is not mandatory.
  • TLS connections. Citrix Receiver for Mac allows you to verify connections made to servers that are using a specific TLS version, with additional information including the encryption algorithm used for the connection, mode, key size and whether SecureICA is enabled. In addition, you can view the server certificate for TLS connections.

The engineers responsible for developing these features have created a series of great technical blogs that drill into these features in greater detail. Those blogs will follow shortly and I will amend this blog with links to those.

One final point in closing. Apple recently released early builds of Sierra, their upcoming operating system release. Many of you have been asking about Receiver for Mac support for Sierra. We are happy to say that Receiver 12.2 for Mac will work with early builds of Sierra. Read the Citrix knowledge center article regarding Sierra for more details.

The latest Receiver contains innovative features to enhance the experience for both end users and IT admins. Download Receiver 12.2 for Mac today and share your feedback with us in the comments below and join the conversation in the Receiver for Mac support forum.

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