Starting in August, Citrix Service Providers can benefit from the inclusion of the CloudPortal Services Manager (CPSM) Hosted Apps and Desktops service into the Premium XenApp and XenDesktop offering at no incremental cost. Partners already using CloudPortal Services Manager to deliver multi-tenant app and desktop services will receive a 15% reduction on the monthly subscription cost of their Citrix solution!

New value and cost savings for service providers

The inclusion of the CPSM Hosted Apps and Desktops service brings new solution value, features and significant cost savings to Citrix Service Providers:

  • Licensing cost savings: Delivering XenApp and XenDesktop Premium using the CloudPortal Services Manager Hosted Apps and Desktops Service no longer requires an additional CPSM licensing cost – it is included in the new Premium offering.
  • Technical cost savings: Service providers save on infrastructure costs using an efficient and scalable multi-tenant architecture.
  • New solution value: Multi-tenant architecture and provisioning platform for delivering a broad portfolio of complimentary services such as ShareFile, Office 365, Exchange and Skype.

Simplified reference architecture and technology stack

The Premium bundle update aligns with an updated Citrix Service Provider product strategy aimed at simplifying deployment and management of the multi-tenant Citrix Service Provider architecture.


To that end, features and use cases provided by App Orchestration are being directly folded into the Hosted Apps and Desktops Service, simplifying the solution architecture for service providers. Learn more about the July release of the Hosted Apps and Desktops service 11.5.6 which delivered support for use cases that once required App Orchestration – such as multi-site support and offering discovery.

As CPSM grows in functionality, App Orchestration will be phased out and will not support XenApp and XenDesktop versions beyond 7.6. Service providers using App Orchestration 2.6 will continue to be supported through Dec 31, 2017 and will have access to product updates that facilitate migration and support backwards compatibility with services managed by App Orchestration.

Renewed focus on CloudPortal Services Manager

Moving forward, Citrix has renewed focus on CloudPortal Services Manager as the primary control panel and automation platform for Citrix Service Providers. Momentum has been building for the CPSM solution this year after delivering service updates for Office 365, ShareFile, Skype for Business, Dynamics CRM and Hosted Apps and Desktops.  We’re looking forward to making available the power and benefits of CPSM (at no additional cost) to all Citrix partners delivering XenApp and XenDesktop Premium.


Check out these additional materials to learn more about what CPSM can do for your hosted services business.

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