By now, hopefully you have heard of—or even used!—Citrix AppDisks. Released as a part of  XenDesktop 7.8, a bunch has already been written about them, including this excellent guide from George Kuruvilla:

Citrix AppDisks How-To Guide: Administration Basics and Gotchas

From my own experience testing AppDisks, creation with MCS was a breeze, but with PVS there are a few challenges, once you know what they are, you will be using AppDisks and PVS like a boss!

Disable prompt for maintenance mode

It can be super-annoying if your AppDisk creation times out. When I’ve used PVS to create AppDisks, I often miss the prompt to “Press 1 and Enter” at the console of the machine being used to carry out AppDisk maintenance. I’ve found it made my life a bunch easier to disable the prompt altogether!

To do this, follow this article:
Setting vDisk Boot Menu as a Default Option

One vDisk per in-progress AppDisk creation

So you want to make a bunch of AppDisks? Using PVS you can only have one creation in progress per vDisk. This is because you need a new version and a VM in maintenance mode to enable creation. What are you options?

  • Be patient, finish creating your one AppDisk, then follow clear down instruction below before re-using the vDisk for your next creation
  • Who has time for that? use multiple copies of your vDisk and create a Catalog for each, now you can make more at once!

Clear down your vDisk and use it again

After you’ve used your vDisk to create or edit an AppDisk, and your AppDisk is in the “Ready” state in Studio, remember to remove the new-version of the vDisk, and take the reserved VM from maintenance mode back to production.

If all else fails, Cheat!

If all else fails, cheat! Create an MCS Catalog using the same Hosting Resource as your using for PVS, and you can use the MCS Catalog for AppDisk creation, and use the resulting AppDisks attached to the PVS Catalog to delivery workloads to your users!

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